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  • Salads are difficult to digest and a cause of much disturbance in children of all ages.
  • There are comparatively few children who cannot take and digest milk if it is properly fed.
  • The reader should carefully study each drawing before continuing to digest the following matter.
  • The society has had printed for free distribution a digest of the recent game law.
  • South eastern digest of volumes 156-170 and the corresponding state reports.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Digest | Digest Sentence

  • American digest classification.
  • I do not digest badly.
  • Let me digest my blessing.
  • Why do we digest it slowly?
  • American digest system.
  • Oklahoma digest and statute service.
  • His book is as much a digest as a history.
  • Five-volume digest ...
  • To digest the starch and food sent up by the roots.
  • Thou shalt not fall to eating it or trying to digest it.
  • Eggs take a long time to digest if hard boiled.
  • Read it, discuss it, digest it.
  • I could as easily digest a machine for setting type.
  • Room make-up; a digest of home decoration.
  • Chemurgic Digest 5:152.
  • Yet I eat all day, and digest all night.
  • Washington Digest Annotated.
  • Oregon Digest Annotated.
  • The Encyclopedic digest of Tennessee reports.
  • New Jersey Digest Annotated.
  • SEE American digest annotated.
  • SEE Massachusetts digest annotated.
  • By the editorial staff of the American Digest System.
  • By the editorial staff of the American Digest System.
  • PAUL American digest annotated.
  • The camel's structure is such that it cannot digest meat.
  • Another function of leaves then is to digest food for the plant.
  • What is the average time required to digest an ordinary meal?
  • I could digest a salad gathered in a churchyard as well as in a garden.
  • Dry beans are hard to digest and as we age we eat fewer and fewer of them.
  • All food taken in excess of what a child can digest becomes a burden to him.
  • On the contrary, he probably does not digest one-fourth of it.
  • See Jagann├ít'ha's Digest (Colebrooke), Bk.
  • PAUL Michigan digest (annual) R93075.
  • And the farm remained implacable: it refused to digest the carriage-house.

Definition of Digest

(transitive) To distribute or arrange methodically; to work over and classify; to reduce to portions for ready use or application. | (transitive) To separate (the food) in its passage through the alimentary canal into the nutritive and nonnutritive elements; to prepare, by the action of the digestive juices, for conversion into blood; to convert into chyme. | (transitive) To think over and arrange methodically in the mind; to reduce to a plan or method; to receive in the mind and consider carefully; to get an understanding of; to comprehend.
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