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  • They make a very delicate and digestible meal.
  • Seven pounds of digestible food substance will make a pound of dry milk.
  • In what ways may food be made less digestible and wholesome by cooking?
  • What vegetables contain starch, what sugar, and what digestible protein?

How To Use Digestible In A Sentence?

  • The question of diet must then be limited to food that is perfectly digestible by the traveller.
  • It remains to learn how much nourishment is contained in different kinds of digestible food.
  • But life offered them little digestible material, nor were they naturally voracious.
  • In such cases, experiment, alone, can decide, which are the most digestible articles of food.
  • As with Allinson Bread, these biscuits are most easily digestible and wholesome.
  • It is never rancid and is far more digestible than Cow Butter or any other animal Fat.
  • Food cooked in vegetable oil does not absorb the fat and it is more digestible and really more economical.
  • They are perfectly digestible and form a splendid change of diet for dyspeptics and other sufferers.
  • Animal heat is modified by the proportion of digestible carbon which the food contains, and by the quantity consumed.
  • Neither sour milk and soda nor baking-powder will make as thoroughly light and spongy and digestible bread as will yeast.
  • Prometheus first taught the use of animal food, and of fire, with which to render it more digestible and pleasing to the taste.
  • The kites are dainty feeders and discard the larger and less digestible parts such as wings, legs, and heads.
  • Thus the simple preparations which are not stimulating, as water-gruel, are better for a sick person than the more digestible beef and fish.
  • If these are got rid of by brisk boiling in at least two waters, then cabbage is a fairly wholesome and digestible dish for the average stomach.
  • Much depends on the diet of persons liable to such attacks; this should be easily digestible food, taken often and in small quantities.
  • This forms one of the most digestible proteids we possess, and can be used, even in the latter part of the first year, with advantage.
  • Cereals prepared in this way are much more digestible and palatable than when boiled quickly over a hot fire and stirred constantly.
  • The most useful and digestible fat meats are bacon and ham, as the dried, salted, and usually smoked, meat of the pig is called.
  • It contains the full 100% nourishment of unadulterated wheat in a form so perfectly digestible that it is the ideal flour for all possible Baking purposes.
  • I believe that we are fully justified in the conclusion that nuts and nut products, if rationally used in our diets, are as digestible and fully as valuable from a nutritional point of view as our other foodstuffs.

Definition of Digestible

Capable of being digested.
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