Digression In A Sentence

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  • Here a brief digression is pardonable.
  • Your financial digression is merely a subterfuge.
  • A slight digression may not be improper here.
  • We now return to the point whence this digression started.
  • Pardon my digression while Davy is waiting at the door.
  • And the reader, too, may welcome a digression from travel.
  • J'ai fait cette digression pour n'y pas revenir plus tard.
  • I must return from this digression to the subject under discussion.
  • To substantiate this claim of the mosques, a brief digression is necessary.
  • Ah! now that my memory has reverted to that epoch, digression is inevitable.
  • But to return to the point from which this digression on St. Paul started.

How To Use Digression In A Sentence?

  • It is as impossible for him to pull himself up briefly in any digression from that subject.
  • All this is a digression from my education, which was as desultory as these reminiscences.
  • This digression was not received with any show of enthusiasm, so she hurried on.
  • Let us now return from this long but indispensable digression to the subject which suggested it.
  • This was a sudden digression and marked with a complete flopping down of the talkative child.
  • This may appear to be a digression and somewhat outside the scope of this little work.
  • Any breaking down of this order indicates a mistake in the union, or a digression from duty.
  • A few words of digression upon the future of Islam may not be out of place here.
  • A digression is allowable here as to English books that have passed to the Continent.
  • I assure him, to confirm it I must remark him once more, and then my digression shall end.
  • One more digression suggested by the name of Arthur Sullivan; it shall be the last.
  • La digression orientale est l'écart de la planète à l'est du soleil, parvenu à son maximum.
  • After this digression we may return to the consideration of the emotional characteristics of simple crowds.
  • But to discuss your ultimate ideas is perhaps a profitless digression from the topic of your prose romances.
  • So many are the vows that attest her miracles, that it would be a digression to have to mention them.
  • Now we shall make a hasty digression so that you do not by any chance imagine that this therapeutic work is too easy.
  • I want to continue this digression a little to consider the fact that all of us, in a sense, are hobbyists in nut growing.
  • Allow me to pass over the other trivial incidents of this ritual; they would teach us nothing new and cause too great digression from our purpose.
  • And now, with this introductory digression on dogs, let us return to our camp in the thick pine-bluff on the river bank.
  • After this slight digression from the narrative, we may take up the thread of the story of this push for Kotlas.
  • That of the Camerons is yet to be told; a slight digression respecting their gallant allies may here be excused.
  • Milton now makes a digression in order to describe what Satan observed in the Sun after having landed there.
  • From this digression on the general conformation of the North Americans, we return to our narrative.
  • I will dismiss this digression with a single instance of my experience in seeking information from one of the younger West Pointers.
  • This gastronomical digression will serve to indicate the taste of the Hindu in Bengal, and the very simple style of their living.
  • I was so afraid of a digression here that I stammered out a partial concurrence, and asked for some account of his project for Italy.
  • Indeed, I fell into the digression without even knowing it, and I leave it here in the same fashion.
  • I followed up this digression in my mind and arrived at the fascinating conclusion that if my recollection served me sufficiently well, he would not recognize me.

Definition of Digression

An aside, an act of straying from the main subject in speech or writing. | (generally uncountable) The act of straying from the main subject in speech or writing, (rhetoric) particularly for rhetorical effect. | (obsolete) A deviancy, a sin or error, an act of straying from the path of righteousness or a general rule.
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