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  • Your digressions and your thoughts are flowers which . . .
  • And how delightful are these digressions in the world of books!
  • In most of the learned professions digressions are fatal to success.
  • This is a digression, as all my verses were digressions from office work.
  • By my rambling digressions I perceive myself to be grown old.

How To Use Digressions In A Sentence?

  • These digressions or deviations are studded with quips and jests, good, bad, and indifferent.
  • His family life appeared reprehensible, even to his contemporaries, who were accustomed to great digressions from moral law.
  • The digressions are too long, the morality too frequent, and the sentiments, sometimes, such as will not bear a rigorous inquiry.
  • The palace intrigues do not fill the stage so exclusively, and some of the digressions carry us into byways of Jewish history.
  • Like the sentimental Sterne, he loves philosophical digressions which, perhaps, the reader may pardon.
  • It is a test of our interest that we feel angry at the constant digressions and interruptions, but who would do without those masterly initial chapters in each book?
  • The one charge that may with truth be brought against "Amaryllis at the Fair" is that its digressions damage the artistic illusion of the whole.
  • I do not follow him in detail in his apologetic, religious, metaphysical, and oratorical digressions where common-places stand for facts and arguments.
  • He was always ready to follow us in our digressions from the conventional course, and we felt that many of our best international jokes would have been lost had it not been for his comprehension and appreciation.

Definition of Digressions

plural of digression
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