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  • The answer is that he digs it out of himself.
  • He digs his cabbages.
  • I digs taters fer taters.
  • The pit will fall in upon him who digs it.
  • A toad digs his hole backwards.
  • Each of them without delay digs himself a burrow.
  • Oline digs down and down in the snow, and finds no ax.
  • And then, woe betide him into whom he digs his claws.
  • He wa'n't in sight, but we digs up Rinkey.
  • It need not be confusing, if one digs below to find reality.
  • He turns and digs the laggard angrily in the side without losing the meter.
  • Likewise he digs a hole and buries gold, but beholds another guy finds it.
  • So the student digs out his cigarette case, and we helps Rusty light up.
  • He digs the flowers and cuts the hay, And never seems to want to play.
  • He remembered that Johnny Chuck digs his house deep down in the ground.
  • He digs the flowers, green, red, and blue, Nor wishes to be spoken to.

How To Use Digs In A Sentence?

  • In the making of laws the banker and the man who digs in the sewer have the same power.
  • There the hunter sometimes digs a trench in the snow and lies in wait for the unsuspecting deer.
  • He grows to manhood, and either digs in the road or plies the pick and shovel underground.
  • The observer digs into the petrol tank as they touch earth, and then runs round the machine.
  • Then in the vision he digs "into the wall" to see the hidden things that are being done.
  • It digs up the camas roots, wild onions, and an occasional luckless woodchuck or gopher.
  • I took fast digs at the rooms and hall ahead of us; the whole coast seemed clear.
  • I move we declare a strike until Scraggs digs up the money to overhaul the boiler.
  • Out there in the hot sun Nakeesa patiently digs and digs, slowly accumulating the dish of roots.
  • There: 'He goes to the kitchen and digs as he did just now, but on the stones this time.' .
  • Here is her answer to that," and he digs up a yellow envelope from his inside pocket.
  • They are born in the winter, and the mother generally digs for them and for herself a snug nestling-place in the snow.
  • For each batch of eggs the female digs a special hole, which she does not fail to fill up afterwards.
  • He who earns the money, who digs it from the earth with the sweat of his brow, has a just title to it against the universe.
  • Will a hole be made, or is the enemy like a badger, who digs himself in rather faster than you can dig him out?
  • A bear digs a hollow under the tree's roots and sleeps in it all winter, waking in the spring.
  • In the fury of his self-reproach, he digs his hands into the masses of thick chestnut curls that lie disordered about his head.
  • By luck he digs it up out of his cigarette case, where his man has put it on purpose, and then he proceeds to whistle up a cab.
  • When their leaders have given them their orders, every small company digs pits upon the road by which they must go.
  • In this the insect digs a more or less deep tunnel, an easy piece of work owing to the abundance of soft pith.
  • And the man who gives himself to drinking intoxicating liquors, he, even in this world, digs up his own root.
  • Also he digs out a number of useful stones and gets them down to the house; as soon as there are stones enough, he builds a wall of them.
  • At the time of hatching the young start croaking so the mother (sometimes even the father) digs open the nest.
  • The grave-digger digs to the sound of the knell 'Mid the yews and the deaths in yonder dell.

Definition of Digs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dig | plural of dig | (plural only, colloquial) Lodgings. From diggings.
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