Dilatory in a sentence

Definition of Dilatory

Intentionally delaying (someone or something), intended to cause delay, gain time, or defer decision. | Slow or tardy.

How to use Dilatory in a Sentence?

  • If the iron is cool they know that their mates have been dilatory and the tale is told around.
  • His messengers sent back to hurry on the dilatory convoy had strangely failed to return.
  • It was Austin who compelled the rather dilatory young fellow to paint in earnest.
  • From outside came the low, cautious hooting of the motor horn, calling to its dilatory passenger.
  • Lennox, to whom time was too dilatory and resignation too remote, happened on the device which he translated after his manner.
  • The only wonder is that the Maid did not lose all patience and leave this dilatory prince to his fate.
  • The first information about this incident was so vague that the matter was at first treated in a dilatory fashion in Washington.
  • But this is a thing that has to be said now, because we are approaching a crisis when dilatory ways, muddle, and waste may utterly ruin us.
  • Their indignation, when the proceedings began to grow slow, was directed entirely at the dilatory Three Pointers.
  • The rest of the redskins, disgusted with the dilatory progress of the army and foreseeing inevitable disaster, had all betaken themselves to their homes.
  • There is now, however, less excuse for dilatory improvement in veterinary practice than there was when the alleviation of human suffering was in its infancy.
  • He was too prudent to take into the office any man who in after years could use the experience that might be gained and the knowledge of his own dilatory habits that might be acquired there to supplant him.
  • For out of spite against dilatory fate, one sets himself on purpose to work against the very things that depend upon him, and desires them nevertheless.
  • After a confused and dilatory start the two trains strung out over the prairie and went on again; but the rebellious wagon-owners on the east side of the creek were not with the caravan.
  • Passing one day through a wretched quarter of the East Side in search of a dilatory laundress, my steps halted in front of a cheap toy-shop.
  • That dilatory general, finding nothing to do in the North, was returning to Edinburgh by sea, and might be looked for any day.
  • President Wilson caused the investigations to be carried on in a dilatory fashion because he did not want to see his peace move disturbed by controversies.
  • When the head of a division is tardy, the clerks soon venture to follow his example, and if he is prompt they are ashamed to be dilatory unless they have an adequate excuse.
  • He had seen very little of her, but, sailor-like, his heart had gone with a bound to her who had won it; and he was even now accusing himself of being dilatory in his love.
  • Unfitted for close application to business, they become dilatory and careless, often lapsing into entire lack of energy, and not seldom into the love of intoxicating stimulants.
  • This overcharge was accounted for by the merchants on the ground of dilatory payments, which could only be obtained at all from the Junta by fees to those whose duty it was to pass the accounts!

Short Example Sentence for Dilatory

  • Marciana was a dilatory servant.
  • He is probably wondering why I am so dilatory in answering.
  • All very nice and very commonplace and dilatory until the very end.
  • He was facetious and good-tempered, but was very dilatory in everything.
  • Burton became the guest of the dilatory and dirty Shaykh Hamid.