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  • In all of this they were very diligent and discreet.
  • While the presiding spirit of all is the diligent mother.
  • The hand of the diligent maketh rich.
  • The hand of the diligent shall bear rule.
  • No one could be a better or more diligent girl.
  • He was experienced, diligent and entirely trustworthy.
  • His motto was: Diligent prayer is the half of study.
  • And yet Luther found time for diligent study of the Bible.
  • No! diligent or idle, Ruth Hilton must appear to-night.
  • How happy is such a voyage of conception, what delicious diligent indolence!
  • Wherefore he let her speak on, and gave diligent ear to her language.
  • You have thought me not diligent in hunting down the Persian spy.
  • I believe--I was not diligent at all.
  • The first Christians were diligent and attentive hearers of God's Word.

How To Use Diligent In A Sentence?

  • Accustomed to such investigations, he made the most diligent but fruitless search into its cause.
  • The raja caused diligent search to be made for the person with hair twelve cubits long.
  • A man diligent in his business shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.
  • Here dwell the diligent beavers whom Nature herself has taught the art of building.
  • Julius Caesar was noe less diligent to eternize his name be the pen then be the suord.
  • Therefore you have need of the greatest and most diligent care and watchfulness with respect to this matter.
  • He was a diligent and clever boy who loved his book and who showed a good deal of talent for drawing.
  • They grouped us in all sorts of ways and photographed us at their diligent leisure, while we smoked and talked.
  • It seems as though some diligent alchemy was at work, pouring out from moment to moment this strangely tempered potion.
  • He that will keep in his business, need never fear keeping his business, let his servant be as diligent as he will.
  • Desirous that the first impression of my abilities should be favourable, I was diligent in performing my task.
  • A very diligent artist, as the president of the district court says, and the rest of the company do well, too.
  • Tom Thornton appeared to be making a very diligent search below, for it was half an hour before he came up to the saloon again.
  • The British met with but partial success in the work of destruction, in consequence of the diligent concealment of the stores.
  • A small but exceedingly diligent variety of mosquito attacked us unprepared; but no ordinary net could have kept them out, anyway.
  • Lucius, for instance, had taken the whole thing very calmly, although he was not a particularly clever nor a particularly diligent boy.
  • Buddhism, as it is found in Burmah, has a particular claim to the attention of a diligent and attentive observer.
  • I have made diligent search in the archives of Westminster to see if there were anything to be learned there, and have gleaned a few small facts.
  • It is a very busy church, and for being busy and diligent it is to be commended, but I believe there is too much organization.
  • The old records of the place would be worth diligent antiquarian research, a matter even more difficult in Ireland than elsewhere.
  • A temper of universal forbearance, habits of diligent benevolence, were made the infallible marks of a character which I had no right to claim.
  • Together with diligent colaborers he founded many congregations, which afterwards united to form the Pennsylvania Synod.
  • We can then follow the revolution of the heavens through a year, at the end of which the diligent observer will have acquired a competent knowledge of the constellations.
  • Several blue jackets were in attendance; some Welsh, some English; each as diligent at her work as if she only had the whole to do.
  • And the Bow Street runner stepped along as he spoke, like a diligent man who sees his work cut out before him.
  • If a diligent inquiry were instituted after these relics in particular, four times as many as are here enumerated might be found in other parts.

Definition of Diligent

Performing with industrious concentration; hard-working and focused.
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