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  • I laboured for you diligently at all times.
  • Russia knew this and was diligently preparing for it.
  • And those that seek me diligently shall find me.
  • Goethe and the minor German prophets so diligently here.
  • Meanwhile Tom worked diligently on his balloon.
  • As for the doctor, he went on diligently with his preparations.
  • It fell across the colored threads which were weaving diligently their work.
  • Andrew appeared in the doorway of the bathroom, diligently towelling his head.
  • One single hour, diligently employed, may effect a great deal.
  • He went back to London, and applied himself diligently to his business.

How To Use Diligently In A Sentence?

  • She toiled on diligently with the children, but she found teaching anything but pleasant.
  • East stopped speaking, and pegged away more diligently than ever with his pencil.
  • And diligently he sought for the sign of life, and he found nigh unto it a certain sepulchre.
  • But, whether or not we may use this prayer in death, let us diligently make use of it in life.
  • And I replied unto him, Sir, I never before hearkened so diligently to these things.
  • The name for which Trent sought diligently was that of Arthur Spencer Jerningham Grenvil.
  • She applied herself diligently to all beautifying treatments and the charming of susceptible young men.
  • He is to make a man of himself by seeking diligently after the truth in a manly, independent spirit.
  • All the time her gaze was diligently inspecting every ill-cut seam and tortured trimming of the homemade triumph before her.
  • If the righteous thought death what they think they think it they would search less diligently for divine ordinances against suicide.
  • This destroyer was now diligently searching the area of the battle, the listeners straining every nerve for traces of her foe.
  • When they went in to dinner she had been answering questions and entertaining her pupils for two hours, as diligently as on any week-day.
  • With joyful devotion he gave himself up to the study of the Bible and diligently searched for the ground of salvation.
  • Meg wanted to see the football teams practice, but she was attending to her music very diligently and practiced her hour after school faithfully.
  • He had searched the papers diligently for a year, before he received the first letter from Overland.
  • Every day for nearly two months, or until the fruit heads appear, the cultivators are diligently at work in the sementeras.
  • If he did not diligently devote himself to such work he would not be worthy of that high place we have assigned him in the Quodlibetarian school.
  • But, beyond a passing glance, she gave no sign that she even heard it, but went on diligently with her work.
  • To urge you diligently and cheerfully to perform this pleasing, reasonable, and indispensable duty, is the principal object of the speaker.
  • The double stars have been seen from the seventeenth century, and diligently observed by many from the time of Wm.
  • From the time of Augustine down to the present day, it has been diligently prosecuted; and with what success, we have endeavoured to show.
  • So Columbus learned diligently about the earth, the sea, and the stars, and something of drawing and mathematics beside.
  • Christianity, both in Anglican and Roman guise, sows diligently in fields gradually whitening to harvest.
  • Nevertheless, I will diligently and warily address myself to the task, and Heaven grant us a safe deliverance.
  • He modestly recognizes the good qualities of other nations, and seeks diligently to acquire them in so far as they harmonize with his natural capacities.
  • A thousand instances of mistake or forgetfulness should be passed over, in silence, while opportunities for commendation and encouragement should be diligently sought.
  • And almost all can secure it, who are well content not to disturb established customs, but diligently preserve the constitution of their nation.
  • Happy would it have been for him if he had diligently used the time thus given him in mourning for his sins, and humbling himself for the misapplication of the vast talents entrusted to his charge.
  • Although he applied himself diligently to obtain a sound practical knowledge of the profession he had chosen, his former habits of literary pursuit did not entirely desert him.
  • Little bands of the most expert performers had been selected, and these practised diligently in the playing-fields, waving their messages with great accuracy and dispatch.

Definition of Diligently

In a diligent manner, with appropriate effort, carefully.
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