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  • And the fourth dimension holds solider than concrete.
  • Tones introduce another element or dimension into speech.
  • The outside dimension was limited between 5 and 5-3/8 in.
  • I know every dimension thereof, O Lord of the World!
  • By adding ourselves to another dimension we are hardly recognizable to you.
  • Its greatest dimension deviates but slightly from a medium line.
  • In dimension they are nine feet wide and thirteen feet long.
  • You see, his dimension operates on a higher frequency than ours.
  • This third (and sometimes fourth) dimension informs all truly great art.

How To Use Dimension In A Sentence?

  • Then you may get a vague idea of what is meant when we speak of a further dimension in space.
  • External dimension as a whole decreases from north to south, although not uniformly.
  • If it is a very big room, its longest dimension would just about contain one of the bigger trunks.
  • It was as if I had slipped back one dimension in space and walked in a shadow world.
  • The dimension of a perfected soul is two-thirds of the height which the individual had in his last existence.
  • The piping between the mixing and storage tanks is of galvanised iron of generous dimension so as to compensate for incrustation.
  • Such people, because they cannot stick their cane into it contend that the fourth dimension has no mathematical or philosophical validity.
  • The pencil snapped at the point it entered the next dimension but the broken end of the far piece was not to be seen.
  • Instead of seeing everything in one dimension, we came to realise there was more than one dimension on which things were occurring.
  • Crepes are generally folded by hand, and coolies usually work to a certain dimension by means of a standard stick.
  • Qualitative reasoning concerning position is only applicable to things in one dimension of space, or in time considered as having one dimension.
  • The widening of every path gives boundless dimension to sin, till we learn that the evil impulse alone does not extend.
  • For copying by engraving, &c. the exact dimension required of any picture may at once be given to be copied from.
  • This monument is of every dimension in size, from the smallest, a few feet high, to the tallest, of one or two hundred feet high.
  • Sur les cylindre de petite dimension cette palme a ete facilement prise pour une arme, pour une sorte de coutelas (cf.
  • In seeking the home of a symbol, we should consider where it appears in the largest dimension and where it appears in the most formal and prominent way.
  • The idea of the fourth dimension is that it might be possible to draw a fourth line which shall be at right angles to all three of those already existing.
  • THE correctness of this sketch, as to dimension at least, has been ensured by the mode in which it was obtained, viz.
  • The solution discharged from the orifice box is carried to the point of application either in galvanised iron pipes of generous dimension or in rubber hose.
  • As ignorance on this subject is very general, the following essay will be devoted to a consideration of the fourth dimension and its relation to a new ornamental mode.
  • The accompanying measurement according to the epic rules and models was not a qualification of the taste, but only a somewhat awkward theoretical dimension and justification.
  • Perception in the third dimension of space is a particularly clear example of this sort of logical activity without words, because it is developed slowly.
  • Time is not in reality the fourth dimension at all; yet to look at it for the moment from that point of view is some slight help towards grasping the ungraspable.
  • He or she whose heart is made of brass, and whose soul is so small it will take eleven cycles of eternity to develop it to the dimension of a hayseed.
  • The discharge of the hypochlorite solution is usually regulated either by maintaining a constant head on an orifice of variable dimension or by varying the head on an orifice of fixed dimension.
  • Now, by an effort of the imagination, can you think of a solid as being the representation of a form in one dimension more, shown by a kind of perspective?
  • In this habitat the third dimension (height) of the rainforest probably is the most complex insofar as the inter-relationships of species and ecological niches are concerned.
  • There are cases where the line of the street should inviolably be preserved, as in a common range of houses; therefore all projections above a given dimension infringe this rule.
  • The leap from arithmetic to calculus was not just a leap in our ability to work with higher dimensional objects, but a leap in our ability to relate the objects of one dimension to the objects of another.
  • This is because most boys will wish to build different sized boats, and therefore it has not been deemed advisable to dimension the boats described in this Chapter.
  • The pupil of the left eye, which was not round, but drawn angularly downward and inward, did not alter in dimension with the movements of the eye nor from the stimulus of light.

Definition of Dimension

(transitive) To mark, cut or shape something to specified dimensions. | A single aspect of a given thing. | A measure of spatial extent in a particular direction, such as height, width or breadth, or depth.
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