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  • Their surplus and their exactions diminish our profits.
  • It is not allowed to diminish in numbers, nor to exceed.
  • Strong perfumes, about the person, diminish their attacks.
  • Time, if it does not diminish grief, alters its character.
  • Shun all that may enervate or diminish your youthful energies.
  • The rations appeared to deteriorate and diminish as the winter advanced.
  • I also know how enthusiasm or indifference can multiply or diminish numbers.
  • If any muscles are left unemployed, they diminish in size and strength.
  • This invisible gold, also, does not necessarily diminish in spending.
  • Rodolph's policy served to diminish instead of swelling his numbers.

How To Use Diminish In A Sentence?

  • Every effort was made to diminish state control over the global telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Does the generation of the animated tribes diminish the evidence of design in the actual constitution of the world?
  • In order to facilitate reference and to diminish the necessity for footnotes a survey of classes and phratries is here given.
  • The meanness of such an insinuation, made at such a time and in such a way, did not diminish its sting.
  • They are always in the same condition, and do not increase with the rains, nor diminish with the dryness of the seasons.
  • We cannot add one moment to its eternity, nor by our inaptitude diminish the proper glory of our art.
  • It was only on the morning of the third day, that we discovered something calculated to diminish our confidence in our new comrade.
  • Would it not diminish the pleasure which we derive even from earthly objects, and aggravate the bitterness of every trial?
  • It is claimed to ensure the planting of seeds at equal depth in hard or soft ground, and to diminish the draft.
  • And the manner in which I propose to open our conversation is not likely to diminish your surprise.
  • His engaging manners made him universally popular, and he shrank from anything that would endanger or diminish that popularity.
  • He makes bodies diminish in weight as they approach the earth, because the effect of a weight on a lever is less as it approaches the fulcrum.
  • It does not diminish Verlaine's stature if we do not count him among the heroes of life.
  • I placed it before me in hopes that by constantly contemplating the copy I might diminish the effect of the original.
  • As soon as the horse yields, it would suffice to raise the right hand to diminish the tension of the reins and reward the animal.
  • Combustion and respiration, therefore, tend to diminish the amount of oxygen in the air and to increase the amount of carbon dioxide.
  • A head of one hundred and eighty degrees is sufficient to diminish the weight of the air it contains to the extent of one-half, by rarefying it.
  • My experiment I regard as successful, but there are two features in it which diminish its general application.
  • My excitement did not diminish as I sped on my journey, and the speed of the express was too slow for my eager anticipations.
  • Alone, and a prisoner, the first reflexion that found way through her disturbance, served less to diminish her terrour than to awaken new alarm.
  • The dramatic power of the dialogues of Plato appears to diminish as the metaphysical interest of them increases (compare Introd.
  • There is no remedy in the drug-stores to diminish the danger to which the life, health and appearance of those afflicted with this terrible disease are exposed.
  • However desirable it may be to diminish the number of grades, it must be pointed out that diminution and simplification are not necessarily synonymous terms in this matter.
  • Surely if you throw back the weight of the shoulders over the croupe of the horse, you relieve his fore-hand, and diminish the chance of his falling.
  • Let free perspiration be checked, either from uncleanliness or from chills, and it will diminish the functional action of the stomach and its associated organs.
  • The strength of the tide would diminish in less than an hour, and it might be possible to maneuver in the slack water for a comparatively safe berth.
  • He rejoiced that it had occurred, for it might remove the mortification produced by their late encounter, and diminish the mortal hatred with which he was regarded.
  • These disappointments quite naturally created an atmosphere of scepticism which, however, did not diminish the energy which was devoted to the solution of this important problem.
  • To do this regularly, the horse must neither increase nor diminish the speed of his pace, and his head and neck continue to preserve their proper position.
  • As the barrel would not have to resist an explosive force, it should not be difficult to make, and the inside could be lubricated to diminish the friction of the projectile in passing through it.

Definition of Diminish

(transitive) To make smaller. | (intransitive) To become smaller. | (transitive) To lessen the authority or dignity of; to put down; to degrade; to abase; to weaken; to nerf (in gaming).
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