Dimmed In A Sentence

How To Use Dimmed In A Sentence?

  • She gave it back to him with a look in her dimmed eyes which he could not mistake.
  • The transparent veil of early twilight obscured the light and dimmed the shadows.
  • Those eyes which should have sunned a court of princes, were dimmed with eternal sorrow.
  • A cloud had come up and dimmed what light there was, and we must wait for it to pass.
  • Here burn a few lights, dimmed into solitary specks by the brightness of the sun.
  • Her eyes, dimmed no longer by tears of sorrow, flashed with a purer radiance than before.
  • Beyond this, in turn, flat-topped hills dimmed by a yellow heat haze cut the horizon.
  • Residing in America, the real outlines of the struggle were a little dimmed by distance.
  • His eyes, dimmed with tears, saw a tall, stately lady, who advanced to meet him with open arms.
  • I see a being whom the pure, divine Imagination, the eye of God dimmed in man, has foreseen.
  • Discolored was the brow, Yet proud the look; the dimmed and sightless eyes Turned up....
  • Innumerable insects dimmed the light of the lamp above them, and they could scarcely see the lettering.
  • Neither the forty-eight years of her life nor her massive bulk had tamed her sprightliness or dimmed her merry eye.
  • We had the light of triumph in our eyes, but even that was dimmed at thought of the boys who were gone to the great review above.
  • One week had dimmed her brightness, and little puckers between her eyes were telling a story of anxious care.
  • It was even fortunate for the phlegm of this dandy, that the night wind dried the tears which dimmed his eyes.
  • Thunder drowned the purr of the motor, and a flash of lightning every other moment dimmed the flying circle of our acetylenes.
  • He glared at the sky-blue jacket through a mist which soon passed, although for the moment it dimmed his vision.
  • His eyes are turned downward on the floor, else the cavaliere might have seen that their brilliancy is dimmed by rising tears.
  • Dane rose stiffly, but he could see little except the belts of thinning haze which dimmed the waters ahead.
  • That which had seemed a mist now appeared more like a fine dust, that swept across the heavens and dimmed the desert sky.
  • Surely no son ever loved a father more than he did, and yet no tear had dimmed his eyes as yet, no sob had gathered in his throat.
  • He took her face in his palms, bending close his handsome head, and a mist dimmed the sparkle in his magnetic eyes.
  • Already the twilight was deepening, and the lanterns of the officers were dimmed by the glow from a hundred Indian camp-fires.
  • No one was in sight, although Jerry's car with dimmed headlights still stood at the curb.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dimmed | Dimmed Sentence

  • What has dimmed the sun?
  • Her eyes were dimmed with tears.
  • The tears dimmed her eyes.
  • Not a cloud, not a misgiving has dimmed my worship.
  • The lustre paled and dimmed on one gaudily bepainted leg.
  • As Pringle sat down the lights were dimmed again.
  • Nothing in after years has dimmed that Alaska storm-day.
  • The merciful mist enclosed them, and dimmed them from each other.
  • Enrica's blue eyes dimmed with tears.
  • Mary's vacation had somewhat dimmed her business sagacity.
  • Who could wish to see their brightness dimmed with earthly rewards?
  • The dope helped, but it also dimmed my ability to concentrate.
  • We saluted as they passed, but many of us had dimmed vision.
  • The moon rode high and lonely, dimmed by new cloud battalions from the west.
  • We looked into each other's eyes for a moment, and mine dimmed with tears.

Definition of Dimmed

simple past tense and past participle of dim
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