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  • There lay the atom, rosy and dimpling in his sleep.
  • In the dimpling lines That wrinkle his hale repose.
  • The girl's face was dimpling bewitchingly as she held aside her shining hair.

How To Use Dimpling In A Sentence?

  • She is a spring among the rocks, and she comes up dimpling from the roots of the world.
  • Her colour is a soft dusky brown, under which you can see the blood warming her dimpling cheeks.
  • She passed along, her face shyly dimpling with her little innocent smile, and said nothing.
  • Eternal smiles his emptiness betray, As shallow streams run dimpling all the way.
  • But Rose held her letter fast, dimpling with sudden smiles, half merry and half shy.
  • Mary was sitting up straight on the boulder now, her face dimpling as she recalled these various predicaments.
  • Thisbe dimpling with satisfaction and undoubtedly filled with tenderness toward a lover capable of expressing himself so eloquently.
  • The road sloped to a hollow where the mottled trunks of cotton woods stood in a group round the dimpling face of a spring.
  • It was a beautiful day, and the river was dancing and dimpling and winking as the little breezes shook the trees that hung over it.
  • For a moment or two she looked after him, an amused smile dimpling her cheeks; then she turned her attention to the gate.
  • There must be mistletoe, too she told herself, her mouth dimpling and a suspicion of a twinkle flashing out from under her dewy lashes.
  • The great river swept by with hardly a surface motion, dimpling and rippling under the last touch of the day breeze.
  • Now at noon you may come there, troubling no living drapery, and dangle your feet over the moss into the dimpling coolness of that mountain pool.
  • The lawn blossomed with living flowers and the windows framed faces which shamed, in their dimpling loveliness, the painted cherubs on the wall.
  • She turned, dimpling over her shoulder at Francis, who had been standing in rather a dream, where she had left him.
  • When we arise next morning, the grey showers fall steadily, the trees hang limp, and the face of the stream is spoiled with dimpling raindrops.
  • She was a trim, well-made, tempting girl, with a rougish, dimpling face, and fine chestnut hair clustering all about it.
  • She nodded a cheery greeting to the old man of the grizzled whiskers, and with a smile still dimpling her cheeks flashed one glance at Wade.
  • The words died away; but there was a sweet smile playing about her lips, and a soft dimpling of the cheek that showed her glance had not been unsatisfactory.
  • The mirthful expression that had laughed in her eyes and dimpled over her countenance when I beheld her faint beauty in the fountain was laughing and dimpling there now.
  • The rounded contours of her cheeks and shoulders were soft as those of a babe, and Richard had seen naught in all his life so exquisite as her dimpling smile.
  • Away to the south, the sea was dimpling and sparkling in ten thousand broken ripples, with here and there a brave vessel sailing away over the cold, heaving waters.

Definition of Dimpling

present participle of dimple | The formation of a dimple.
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