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How To Use Dinner For In A Sentence?

  • The great archaeologist was ordering dinner for himself and a guest with much thought and care.
  • He certainly did have a nap after dinner, for about half an hour, but not for more.
  • Accordingly he accosted the chivalrous gentleman, and ordered a dinner for the entire squadron.
  • They brought us another excellent dinner, for which we had a still more excellent appetite.
  • I went to the steward, and gave him directions in regard to the lunch and dinner for the next day.
  • I have ordered dinner for tonight, thinking surely you would remain and spend the evening.
  • I provided a good dinner for the governor, his lady and officers, who were invited to my table.
  • Really, it was his dinner, for turning night into day just turns everything topsy-turvy.
  • But dinner for two, in an oak-paneled room, when the spring dusk is falling is different.
  • Here is the menu of a little dinner for two which I ordered last winter at the restaurant.
  • In the end the stew was dumped overboard and Jeff prepared an entirely new dinner for all hands.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dinner For | Dinner For Sentence

  • I should like to give a dinner for them soon.
  • I had asked them to dinner for next week.
  • Certainly he had eaten no dinner, for he felt ravenous.
  • Ordered a dinner for six francs, which proved abundant.
  • I left her, after inviting her to dinner for the next day.
  • The Homers are giving a dinner for their daughter.
  • They would have a nice English dinner for once.
  • Here is a menu of a little dinner for three at the Ritz.
  • Do not wait dinner for me; I hope you will enjoy it.
  • Dinner for a dog?
  • You can have a men's dinner for him.
  • Hasn't it already spoiled my dinner for me?
  • The hosts of the party had provided a grand dinner for the last one.
  • Dinner for the whole party was, of course, despatched from the castle.
  • I'll have some dinner for you,' their parent was wont to say.
  • It was an elegant little dinner for four, arranged upon a round table.
  • Sir, my mistress would be glad to know how many she must provide dinner for.
  • Of course you will not mind waiting dinner for us on Sunday.
  • Mammy Susan had a dinner for us that was fit for kings and queens.
  • A tender, but not very fat chicken, makes an excellent dinner for children.
  • This is a dinner for a dozen given at Martin's.
  • However, below are some suggestive menus for a Thanksgiving dinner for two.
  • The women lingered to plan a picnic dinner for the coming Saturday.
  • At noon I was relieved from work to get some dinner for my companions.
  • It was a gloomy dinner for the Freshman, baked funeral meats and he the corpse.
  • She told the old man I'd eat up the dinner for that day.
  • Never, for Heaven's sake, wait dinner for me!
  • Herself rose up then to prepare dinner for the Green Knight.
  • What's the proper dinner for Ash Wednesday?
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