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  • The dinners are the very last word!
  • I know you hate dinners and girls.
  • I liked our dinners and receptions at the ministry.
  • They had given dinners and suppers and balls and picnics.
  • Luncheons are served at 3 marks, dinners at 5 marks.
  • The official dinners are always well done in Paris.
  • The Wednesday dinners of Mme.
  • Her dinners and gatherings were a very important feature in their scheme.
  • And then eating their dinners out of it all the time!"...
  • Dressel gives an excellent lunch for 2.50 and dinners for 3 marks or 5.
  • After that first experience, I liked the big men's dinners very much.

How To Use Dinners In A Sentence?

  • She would very much have liked to secure him more frequently for her dinners and her teas.
  • Then she would not have worn a woollen dress flavored with all the dinners of the past year.
  • His had been a busy life, a life filled with dinners and dances and theaters and races.
  • The dinners he had to eat, the speeches he had to make and to listen to, were really terrific!
  • Lottchen had brought up cold dinners for a regiment of men; every one came and helped himself.
  • I was struck with that absence of sympathy at some of the first dinners I went to.
  • Can you fancy an English cook consenting to turn out dinners under like conditions?
  • As previously stated, she was the only female admitted to the dinners given by Mme.
  • I don't mind teas like we had at the colonel's, but dinners and balls I have drawn the line at.
  • There is little record of elaborate pre-nuptial bachelor dinners in the style of modern New York.
  • It was at one of the weekly dinners of that Fleet Street dining club, the Blackfriars.
  • The dinners to be obtained in the hotels have to suffice for the wants of the visitors to the place.
  • She remembered that when she was a child herself she had used to wish her dinners might always begin with the dessert.
  • The queen then proceeded to carry out her long-cherished wishes for society dinners at which she could preside.
  • The eating of a few dinners and attendance at certain lectures are no tax on the student's time.
  • Geoffrin began to receive at her residence, which gained its first renown through the exquisite dinners served there.
  • There were dinners and there were suppers, for many parcels had come in, and there were "blinds.
  • Perhaps her visits at this period were a little more frequent, perhaps her dinners were eaten and her wine drunk with a little more eagerness.
  • By this means the birds learn to think of the tune and their dinners at the same time, and directly they hear the organ will begin to whistle.
  • But we asked as a favour that one cook in each house might be permitted to return, as otherwise our dinners would be spoiled.
  • On our side of the Atlantic story-telling at dinners and on every other social occasion has become a curse.
  • I have since eaten royal dinners in palatial hotels, but nothing has ever tasted half as good as this extemporized lunch of my boyhood.
  • Some of those dinners are horribly boring, I can assure you," declared the girl.
  • The latter introduced him to his future associates in the ward by a succession of fish and wine dinners dear to the heart of the men of Nippon.
  • The Republican campaign had already begun, and there were numerous little dinners and meetings when plans and possibilities were discussed.
  • She washes dishes at a boarding house for her dinners and cooks her own breakfasts in her room and eats, well, any old thing, for her lunch.
  • The aged bachelor, who disliked all functions save good dinners in congenial and familiar surroundings, accepted, after a great deal of coaxing.
  • It was too cold to hold a book, so I used to lie all day and devise meetings and dinners with my most loved friends after the war.
  • Her salon and dinners became so famous that every foreigner going to Paris had the ambition to be received at Mme.

Definition of Dinners

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of dinner | plural of dinner
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