Dipped in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Dipped

1. Overhead a hawk dipped in its reeling flight. 🔊

2. He dipped the canteen in the spring and passed on. 🔊

3. The choleric face dipped knowingly. 🔊

4. She dipped to her coffee and swallowed hard. 🔊

5. At last she dipped her dry pen and laid the blotter ready. 🔊

6. The Albatross dipped clear to the sea. 🔊

7. The splinter was expected to blaze when dipped into the acid. 🔊

8. Betty dipped her little hand into her uncle's. 🔊

9. He stepped to the brook and dipped a finger in the cold water. 🔊

10. I dipped under the fan of water and took my stand in the hollow behind it. 🔊

11. Rhoda dipped her burning face into the water, then lifted it, dripping. 🔊

How to use Dipped in Sentences?

1. And it gave him four sticks, made from that one of its branches which dipped to the south. 🔊

2. As he dipped the fine point into the red ink by mistake he flung another frown over his shoulder. 🔊

3. The coupe rounded a curve and the road dipped between an avenue of swaying, whispering pines. 🔊

4. Mr. Weatherley dipped his pen in the ink, solemnly wrote out a cheque and tore it from the book. 🔊

5. So I took the gourd used by the Chinese crew, and dipped up, as they did, the river water. 🔊

6. It was as if one had dipped into something primordial and stupendous beneath the smooth and trivial surfaces of life. 🔊

7. So noiselessly were the paddles dipped into the water that the drip from them, as they were lifted, was the only sound heard. 🔊

8. Then he dipped his pine bough in the brook and began to beat out the flames, working straight out from the bank. 🔊

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