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Definition of Directed

In a manner emphasizing one's point of view. | (graph theory) Having the properties of a directed graph. | (set theory) Having the properties of a directed set.

How To Use Directed In A Sentence?

  • They had commenced to rally, but a few well directed volleys once more put them to flight.
  • He had made up the parcel, nuggets and all, and directed it to me long before he saw me.
  • Machine travel, and even travel by horse, would have directed attention upon them.
  • On the 17th a general attack was ordered, and Ney was directed to take the citadel.
  • When October came round they were the very first birds to which I directed my attention.
  • So I directed my letter to the theatre, and next morning I had a visit from him.
  • Brook was disturbed and directed Boy to prepare a chamber upstairs for Hartford and Mercedes.
  • M'Pherson had directed him to a small settlement some miles beyond Daintry's Corner.
  • She had only just directed the envelope when she heard the servant coming to take away the tea-things.
  • If the larger geographical concepts are to have accuracy and richness for the child he must have his attention directed to his surroundings.
  • Those found wild in the woods were on a different footing, and we directed our whole knowledge of woodcraft against them.
  • He had indeed an effect not of a man directing a school, but of a man captured and directed by a school.
  • During the years between this trouble in 1676 and his death in 1686, the persecution seems to have been directed largely against his son.
  • But the days of the Prince who planned and directed and was the source and centre of all power are ended.
  • The count never took on himself the office of finding the verdict; he always directed one of the assessors to perform it.
  • Obliging officials directed the party to the first staircase on the right, or to turn to the left, by the furnishing department.
  • With his leg ripped by a bullet he propped himself against a tree, lit his pipe, and directed the order of the battle.
  • Pep helped the scared youth into the skiff, drew himself over its edge, and directed just one remark to the rescued lad.
  • As soon as Hassan saw himself master of this important place he directed his thoughts to the means of increasing its strength.
  • Therefore admiral Magellan directed two ships to survey the bay; and himself remained with the rest at anchor.
  • He was now a recognized leader in the field, and the British commander-in-chief directed his efforts to his overthrow.
  • Lance Dunning, calling out the reserves of his vocabulary, swore tremendously and directed the operations against the river.
  • The Governor took the bird from her, and examined it under the light with the manner of brisk confidence which directed his slightest action.
  • We see that governors, though otherwise fools, are sometimes directed in their decisions by the hand of God.
  • Toward the good magistrate, then, the men directed their footsteps, Who was again ascending the street in discharge of his duties.
  • Boyce swooped down from above and wiped out the men from the wall and Zoro cawed in victory, directed at Lloyd.
  • He at the same time directed him to order on his way the garrison of Kirdkoh, who still held out, to surrender, and demolish the fortress.
  • The movement was specially directed to the French aggressions on the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean.
  • I could see their eyes flaming in the darkness, and with the rifle muzzle directed toward a couple of those flaming points, I fired.
  • We had in the morning directed the boatman in charge of the baggage to go on in advance, and erect our tents on an island in Round Lake.
  • Take your load straight back to that car," directed McCloud, pointing up the track.
  • Accompanied by his servants and the partners of his crime, the Breton lord directed his course to Palestine, which he reached in safety.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Directed | Directed Sentence

  • The scheme of necessity is directed against a false issue.
  • The scheme of necessity is directed against a false issue.
  • The two men, hurriedly departing, directed a quick glance at him.
  • Pep directed Jabez to drive to the Wonderland by the rear route.
  • He directed that one of his own eyes should be put out, and one of his son's.
  • That's a mistake; the General should have directed it to the devil.
  • This way," directed Pep, and he led the way to the living room at the rear.
  • I have directed the nurse to continue it," observed Dr. Memberly.

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