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  • It will be used as a means of developing and directing lives.
  • He also wrote a note to his lawyer directing him to withdraw the prosecution.
  • And he was always conscious of hidden powers moulding, directing him.
  • A mischievous imp was certainly directing Captain Jerry's movements.

How To Use Directing In A Sentence?

  • Everywhere an energetic officer of the various departments directing the operations.
  • Is it that of securing quiet or of wisely directing the action of the young?
  • But you are all directing and commanding together, and there is nobody to obey.
  • Every now and then he would look out on the darkening night, always directing his glance upward.
  • We need a directing force to assure a comprehensive view and study of the whole rural problem.
  • Sylvia was down-stairs at work in the dining-room, directing the efforts of old Antonia.
  • This search was gone about systematically Count Michael directing his men personally.
  • Penny, fully aware that Mose was directing the conversation where he wished it to go, hid a smile.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Albright was temporarily absent and I was directing the column.
  • It is he who has brought each of them to its present seat, it is he who is directing their movements now.
  • This is the express desire of those who are directing the Home Service Section of the Red Cross.
  • Let me tell you that to-day reason has a more powerful voice in the directing of instinct than it had yesterday.
  • I therefore made special observation of the directing of his look toward his own body and toward the mirror.
  • Woman herself was nothing more than the embodiment of voluptuousness; it made her what she was, directing and fashioning her.
  • He was too busy drawing a bead on a gorgeously arrayed enemy officer who appeared to be directing the defence.
  • He had indeed an effect not of a man directing a school, but of a man captured and directed by a school.
  • The military kite balloon's first and chief aim is the directing of artillery fire.
  • His time is all frittered away in directing the elaborate machinery of a diocese; and all his personal work is gone.
  • One day the conversation turned upon the means of directing balloons, and the doctor was asked his opinion about it.
  • After the migrating party had gone about fifty miles, messengers from the chiefs overtook them, directing them to return to the village.
  • He was used to toil himself, in weariness of body; now he stood here master, was mind and soul and directing will.
  • In this manner it moved about the pool, keeping in an erect posture, and always directing the face of the young towards the vessel.
  • She cherished, besides, a worshipful admiration for her mother; so that she asked no more than to act as the humble hand under that directing head.
  • As he talked he kept stroking his beard, and directing sullen glances at the crew, who were still working hard at hoisting in the bags of copra.
  • Must be thorough accountant, capable of directing office and branch work, conversant with income-tax and excess profits duty practice.
  • But the fall of a sparrow, or the loss of a hair, they do not feel to be equally the result of His directing agency.
  • There, it was said, a large camp of Crees had assembled, and to this post we were now directing our steps.
  • He was relieved presently to observe Hentzi hovering on the outskirts of the room directing the servants, a sort of super-major-domo.
  • This consists of directing the mind intensely and habitually to all the considerations which ought to guide us in the particular relation to which the affection refers.
  • For this reason we shall first trace rapidly the course of the revolution in the south, of which San Martin was the directing power.
  • General Lee did not wear long, bushy whiskers, and was at that time probably down directing operations against Fredericksburg.
  • And the Missionaries were represented as safe in the lee of the Man-of-war, directing the onslaught, and gloating over the carnage.
  • Generally, she avoided interference with the government of the state, but as the wife of so incapable a king she was forced into an attempt at directing public matters.
  • No one appears to deny that he has clearly proved the existence of mucous gastritis and enteritis in many or most fevers, or the propriety of directing a part of the remedies to them.
  • The intense application of the brain, which is requisite in the one instance, is relieved by directing the attention to a study that requires less thought.
  • When it has met on this account it gives information to the belligerents, directing them to abstain from hostilities, and menacing death if a drop more of blood should be spilt.

Definition of Directing

present participle of direct
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