Directives In A Sentence

Definition of Directives

plural of directive

How To Use Directives In A Sentence?

  • Parts of the plan may be transmitted as fragmentary directives to guide the action of subordinates in instantaneous or early execution.
  • Often, however, because of extent and bulk, these solutions are included with the directives as annexes.
  • The various categories of directives customarily employed in our naval service, and standard forms for these, are described hereinafter.
  • Experience has shown that military directives usually give best results if cast in a standard form well known alike to originator and recipient.
  • Finally, the fourth step may involve changes, for clarification, in the directives formulated in the third step.
  • Collection, to be consistently effective, calls for specific directives to, or requests on, the appropriate collecting agencies.
  • From the mental standpoint, the third step begins when the commander forms the intent of immediately promulgating his directives for the execution of the planned action.
  • On the other hand, the commander may find that the changed situation motivates merely a modification of his previously determined operations and of his directives already in force.
  • He may, if it is his intent to issue a directive or directives for the execution of his plan of operation, or a part thereof, arrange his procedure so as to facilitate the third step.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Directives | Directives Sentence

  • Logistics directives and other specialized instructions may also be a feature.
  • The various types of naval plans and directives are also described.

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