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  • The economic position of the directors of industry.
  • The economic position of the directors of industry.
  • The directors of the company began to feel sick.
  • The directors of the company chose my father manager.
  • The owners and directors of industry seek for economies.
  • To the Directors of the Court Theatre 47.
  • There were ten Directors of the Dunderbunk Foundry.
  • To the Directors of the Owatonna Public Library.
  • This is the fight between the directors of labor and the working-men.
  • The mass can choose leaders in emotion but not directors of industry.
  • That conclusion was reached to-day at a meeting of the directors of the road.
  • The directors of the French company were again in a state of consternation.
  • The directors of the Salon made excuses for not hanging his pictures.
  • All the twenty-four directors of this school (with two exceptions) are women.
  • These officers are constituted a Board of Directors of the society.
  • Court Theatre, Beethoven's letter to the directors of the.
  • The first directors of the seminary were, besides M. de Bernieres, MM.
  • Six spinners joined the Board of Directors of the "Bremen Cotton Exchange".

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  • Give some particulars of the liabilities of the officers and directors of national banks.
  • Many ship owners and directors of steamship companies expressed the same opinions.
  • These trustees may or may not be shareholders or directors of the several corporations.
  • Many churches are employing paid teachers of religion and directors of religious education.
  • Mr. Randolph had the president and two directors of the concern on hand to meet them.
  • A list of persons who have consented to be directors of the company (fee stamp 5s.).
  • In the fiscal year of 1874-75 the Directors of the property had voted six and one-half.
  • His descendants, who went to live in the south, were the ancestors of the Directors of Fire.
  • So toward the East, the Directors of the Potsdam & Watertown turned their attention.
  • Often the officers and directors of the bank were also personally interested in the new enterprise.
  • The letter was written to the Directors of the famous Bank of Saint George at Genoa.
  • Many of the officers and directors of the Dutch West India Company were Amsterdam merchants.
  • These people do not class themselves as agents or as spies; they are the directors of spies and agents.
  • He was mentioned as one of the directors of a company which the paper declared was among those that had disappointed the expectations of investors.
  • Directors of a joint-stock company must act in accordance with the provisions of the by-laws of the company.
  • Wages are settled through a series of separate bargains between the wage earners and the owners or directors of industrial enterprises.
  • They pretended to be the custodians of heaven, the directors of purgatory, and the lords of the earth.
  • I seem to myself to discern plainly in many important crises of history the palpable influence of what are to me the directors of evolution.
  • Penhallow had written that he must go on to a meeting of the directors of the bank at the mills and would not be at home until dinner-time.
  • There were probably a hundred, and the directors of the sports had considerable difficulty in arranging a fair start.
  • They played to empty benches, and must have starved but for the assistance afforded them by the directors of the gambling-tables.
  • Jacobs refused to do it, and the board of directors of the company, after listening to his arguments, sided with him.
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