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  • No dirigible shall be kept.
  • Made an electrically-propelled dirigible in 1881.
  • This is a dirigible of the non-rigid type.
  • On board the dirigible were plenty of tools and materials.
  • Started a dirigible school, 1913.
  • To-day it is the chief dirigible of our aerial fleet.
  • Made a hand-propelled dirigible in 1870-72.
  • A base-less dirigible will not live long.
  • A returning Brown dirigible swept over the town.
  • Private Dirigible Pilots.
  • Early British dirigible builder (1902).
  • Connected with German North Pole Dirigible Expedition.
  • In 1900 the fifth dirigible constructed by him crossed the Seine.
  • In association with Krebs built a dirigible in 1884, with electric motor.
  • Associated with the late Col. Renard in early dirigible experiments.
  • The first Zeppelin dirigible was tried in 1900 on Lake Constance.
  • BARTON (Dr.) Built the first British dirigible in 1904.
  • The Astra firm has dirigible hangers at Issy, Pau, Meaux, and Reims.

How To Use Dirigible In A Sentence?

  • They are both torpedoes dirigible from a fixed base by means of connecting wires.
  • His first dirigible balloon was the longest and biggest that had ever been built.
  • Each station will ultimately consist of one dirigible and a number of hydro-aeroplanes.
  • The uniform scale of dirigible plans is a smaller scale than that used for aeroplanes.
  • Plane driven into plane dirigible into dirigible, and an end of bomb-dropping and scouting!
  • After his death, little was heard of the dirigible balloon for another fifty years.
  • He worked out the scheme in every detail, but owing to the expense the dirigible was never made.
  • During the next year this dirigible made at least 30 trips, at very fair speed.
  • From this time on dirigible construction in Germany went forward with the greatest speed.
  • He was assigned to the dirigible Shenandoah, and was to fly it across Alaska and the North Pole.
  • Every one now began to look upon the dirigible as a factor to be reckoned with in the event of a war.
  • Like the mirage of a tropical island the dirigible hung motionless in space for a breathless minute.
  • Tom was just a little bit nervous when he got ready for a trial flight in the new dirigible balloon.
  • The central sections of the envelope of the rear dirigible had been torn in shreds; it was buckling.
  • So powerful was it that the bag of the dirigible balloon did not need to be as large as usual, a distinct saving in space.
  • Germany had long before developed the greatest fleet of dirigible balloons in existence, preferring them to every other type of flying apparatus.
  • Have a knowledge of the theory of the aeroplane, helicopter, and ornithopter, and of the spherical and dirigible balloon.
  • Out into the big auditorium they emerged, weak and faint, and toward the hidden dirigible balloon they rushed.
  • Its great speed also made it possible for an airplane or dirigible to patrol a much greater area of water than a surface or a subsurface vessel.
  • Tom had about decided on a small, but very powerful, dirigible balloon, that could be packed in a small compass and taken along.
  • I saw it; away off in the distance; looking like a phantom dirigible airship, in its coat of low-visibility paint, a bare spectre.
  • The next appearance of the dirigible in history was in 1852, when the work of the Frenchman Giffard attracted widespread attention.

Definition of Dirigible

steerable | A self-propelled airship that can be steered
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