Disability In A Sentence

Definition of Disability

State of being disabled; deprivation or want of ability; absence of competent physical, intellectual, or moral power, means, fitness, and the like. | A mental condition causing a difficulty with an intellectual task. | Want of legal qualification to do a thing; legal incapacity or incompetency.

How To Use Disability In A Sentence?

  • This is a disability to which rubber treated in artificial driers is not liable.
  • Questions of either personal or corporate disability are less frequent than they were.
  • Only in the last bitter instant did I confess my disability with the best grace I could assume.
  • His creeping physical disability seemed significant of the cataclysmic overthrow of all his dreams and desires.
  • Their speed was great, but they seemed to suffer from one disability which made them clumsy to handle.
  • Ben suffered from a disability of his right rear leg which caused him to raise his right haunch spasmodically when moving.
  • There ought to be permitted in this nation no political or religious disability on account of the honest exercise of the right of suffrage.
  • Not seldom the removal of physical disability seems secured as soon as certain mental disturbances are removed.
  • It was clearly going to be difficult to express in terms of an electoral law a disability obvious enough in each individual case.
  • Education is valued, and liberal provision is made for those classes in which natural disability calls for special modes of instruction.
  • The picture-dealer, also, who buys a picture and copyright is not subjected to the same disability as the painter.
  • But this fellow whose disability was due to his own interference, who was reasonably to be counted upon to raise the very deuce and all of a row!
  • The state labored under this disability in realizing upon its chief product for many years, both in the wheat, and the flour made from it.
  • She led me out of the unhealthy atmosphere engendered by my sensitiveness, and I sometimes forgot my disability for hours.
  • Tuberculosis causes more deaths than any other single disease in America, and the sickness and disability continue longer than with most diseases.
  • Corporal Peck was honorably discharged on the 26th of October following for disability resulting from his wound.
  • The collapse came, flight from America, return at last to his stricken people, and disability for the rest of his life.
  • It may, therefore, be perceived that the disability in question might be removed by a simple Order in Council.
  • Our reports for disability and unfitness for duty were disregarded; our cries for help and complaints of unnecessary hardships and suffering were received with closed ears.
  • To this she was very averse, since every treatment her hapless stomach had received had only added to the debility, until disability had become the result.
  • This is a foolish dream born out of the castaway doctrine of the total depravity of man and his total disability to hear, believe and obey the truth.
  • The doctrine of the inherent and necessary disability of mankind for self-government should be regarded not simply with denial, but with abhorrence; not with disproof only, but with execration.
  • He knows what terrible harm centuries of slavery or disability have done to his originally proud and upright character, and seeks to cure it by means of intense self-training.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disability | Disability Sentence

  • He hugged his disability as his most precious jewel.
  • Ballard ignored the motor disability completely.
  • His disability must bear all the earmarks of an accident.
  • Tennessee removed the disability of married women arising from coverture.
  • He was left retarded and was given a 100% disability from the government.
  • In many of the states, however, this disability has been removed by statute.

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