Disadvantage In A Sentence

Definition of Disadvantage

(transitive) To place at a disadvantage. | A weakness or undesirable characteristic; a con. | A setback or handicap.

How To Use Disadvantage In A Sentence?

  • Its one greatest disadvantage was the fact that it had to be launched from a rail.
  • The reserve and sadness which had recently come upon him were not to his disadvantage socially.
  • He was at a distinct disadvantage and knew it, and the knowledge irritated him.
  • Establishing a close rapport with another mind can be a distinct disadvantage at times.
  • This disadvantage is further increased by the attachment of the motive muscles near the joint.
  • The main disadvantage is that we rarely get a chance to wash or change our clothes.
  • Even this disadvantage occurs to trains east-bound only, because due to unusual circumstances.
  • This method has the disadvantage of being done in the light, but where there is much game is very deadly.
  • Some have been truly excellent who have had an uncouth and unpolished address, but that was rather to their disadvantage than otherwise.
  • Such an apparatus carries with it the disadvantage that the personality may too easily be guided contrary to his own knowledge and experience.
  • The slight disadvantage involved by the modern improved arrester is not to be compared with the importance of the safety acquired.
  • Both of these materials possess the disadvantage of being hygroscopic, that is, of readily absorbing moisture.
  • Farrell, remember one thing: there is sometimes a disadvantage in knowing too much about the men you are after.
  • I don't think I ever fully realized before the disadvantage of being only a cat.
  • The disadvantage is, that the witness may be false and corrupt, and the case may not afford the means of detecting his falsehood.
  • Who was to judge of the disposition; who could discern the tendency of inquiry; who could estimate the advantage and disadvantage of the results?
  • Nevertheless he, Fectnor, would be under a disadvantage in this test of skill which was being forced upon him.
  • Our camping-ground at Muja was flat and turfy, but it had the disadvantage of being a great height above water.
  • If he cannot, Parliament is but a debating-club, with the disadvantage of not being able to select the subjects for discussion.
  • Many Mahomedans realize the disadvantage of locking up their community in a watertight compartment, but they regard it as the lesser evil.
  • But there is one disadvantage attached necessarily to gallery exhibition, namely, the extent of mischief which may be done by one foolish curator.
  • Plato delights to exhibit them in a ludicrous point of view, and to show them always rather at a disadvantage in the company of Socrates.
  • This arrangement would have the disadvantage of leaving Jacob without land, but he showed a magnanimous spirit in that relation.
  • Aiming at a defined advantage in the game she played, she either ignored or held too lightly the concomitant disadvantage of vexing Blake.
  • Such criticism as he had to make to her disadvantage he could form there and then in the chapel while they were reading the lessons or chanting the psalms.
  • The Americans, too, were under a disadvantage in the enfeebled state of the crews, by the general illness which prevailed among them.
  • No legislature in the United States has deliberately made laws placing women at a disadvantage with men.
  • We labour in our investigation of this matter under the disadvantage that the modern period is evidently one of the times of pause in the creative work.
  • It is troublesome to prepare and does not keep well, apart from which there is the disadvantage that it does not permit of control in development in as large a measure as other developers.
  • This terminology is unnecessarily obscure and has the further disadvantage of connoting the domination or subjection of the husband, a feature not necessarily bound up with residence.
  • The readers of a book of travels are somewhat under a disadvantage in forming their opinion of a country, in that incidents are focussed for them by those of the same nature being grouped together.
  • Altogether it was a wonderful success, especially considering that we fought under the disadvantage of a surprise, and without the slightest previous plan or preparation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disadvantage | Disadvantage Sentence

  • Dick was feeling this disadvantage acutely at the moment.
  • If the disadvantage was imaginary, where was the merit of overcoming it?
  • Beyond a certain point it seems to him a disadvantage to prolong life.
  • He saw it would prove a disadvantage to have come from his establishment.
  • Without it the man who lost it will be at a tragic disadvantage among us.
  • The camping-ground had also the disadvantage of a very great scarcity of wood.
  • To name the second disadvantage entailed by his charms: he commonly is.
  • But that work has one great disadvantage for those who are not Germans.

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