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  • Bar, Native, disaffection in, 100.
  • Vindicated from Disaffection to their Kings, 442.
  • The news of disaffection in the city is daily confirmed.
  • I hope I didn't bring the seeds of disaffection with me.

How To Use Disaffection In A Sentence?

  • To own the truth, the disaffection of Mike not only surprised, but it disappointed him.
  • Dark as was that page of history, it has been a glowing lamp to Irish disaffection ever since.
  • In Buenos Ayres Rosas had been disturbed by the disaffection of General Urquiza.
  • Relentless severity marked his displeasure when any disaffection was likely to thwart his favourite plans.
  • This culminated, shortly before my arrival, in a temporary disaffection of one of the companies.
  • He was sure the lockout would not last long, because there was so much disaffection among the bosses.
  • Many other circumstances also which have helped the promoters of disaffection I must reserve for subsequent discussion.
  • The firmness of the employers and the disaffection among the carpenters, after two weeks of fruitless agitation, had produced no good results.
  • This has seriously enhanced the cost of living in India and has specially affected the very classes amongst whom disaffection is most widespread.
  • What had chiefly animated our hopes for the few days was the knowledge that disaffection and conspiracy existed in the ranks of the British army.
  • The disaffection grew daily, and the efforts Dmitri made to overawe his enemies only exasperated them.
  • We are in a state of some anxiety, owing to the spread of a very serious spirit of disaffection among the Sepoy army.
  • I don't know whether this hope means affection to J. or disaffection to the young lady.
  • Sicily, though hostile to the French, was discontented with the existing government, and disaffection there was feared.
  • In addition he spent great sums of money by means of his agents in Rome to arouse disaffection against Octavius.
  • Alarmed by symptoms of disaffection which also appeared in the western part of the republic, Bolivar hurried to Bogota.
  • But he is still more dangerous when he remains a schoolmaster and uses his position to teach disaffection to his pupils either by precept or by example.
  • This first guarded intimation of serious disaffection in India was followed, two days afterwards, by longer and far more serious reports.
  • In his secret breast the sergeant entertained a similar sentiment, but he was too old an officer to breathe disaffection in the ear of his subaltern.
  • To excite discontent and disaffection amongst divers of her Majesty's subjects serving in her Majesty's army.
  • He did keep the nation at peace by his tyranny, if by his cruelty he undermined security and provoked the disaffection that made peace impossible after him.
  • Blodget confessed that he had some such thoughts in his mind, while, at the same time, he declared that he believed the disaffection would go no further.
  • Day by day, nay, hour by hour, was the bud of disaffection fostered with the greatest care; and, day by day, its strength and vitality increased.
  • The discontent and disaffection of his people, which had been strong and universal before, though suppressed and concealed, broke out now into open violence.
  • The boycott vow was everywhere renewed and at several meetings speeches were delivered, the tendency and object of which was to excite renewed disaffection and to stir up zeal for the cause.

Definition of Disaffection

Discontent; unrest. | Alienation; loss of loyalty.
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