Disapproval In A Sentence

Definition of Disapproval

The act of disapproving; condemnation.

How To Use Disapproval In A Sentence?

  • He sat down and rejected the petition with a gesture of disapproval at their urgency.
  • But her face hardened again almost at once into disapproval as he answered her look.
  • Curses were the habitual mode of forcibly expressing disapproval by the men of the fence.
  • Watching me for the first faint sign of disapproval or amusement or disgust on my face.
  • The hawk eyes flashed their disapproval of such controversial freedom of language from a private.
  • Renoux shrugged good-humouredly his disapproval of such precaution, but made no further protest.
  • Mrs. Barry gazed in disapproval at the quaint, clean figure in his brand-new clothes.
  • Nobody dared to joke for fear of the lady's disapproval of any outburst of levity.
  • Wilding looked from one to the other of the men before him, and on the face of all he saw a gravity that amounted to disapproval of him.
  • Her mouth expressed disapproval by rucking down on the sides, which was all very attractive but also irritating.
  • I should have loved to stop and talk about mother, but magnetic thrills of disapproval from my guardians crackled through me.
  • Above all, his disapproval of the policy adopted by both political parties towards the slavery question disinclined him to be a member of either.
  • This is quite consistent with his hearty disapproval of the introduction of purely Roman ceremonial.
  • Her one idea was to seek congenial pleasures: she appeared to be wholly oblivious to the disapproval of public opinion.
  • The watch below, separated from him only by a thin partition, expressed profane disapproval of shipping such a passenger.
  • Aunt Jerry sniffed a disapproval of unpleasant landscapes in general and alluring romances in particular.
  • He opened registries in which all citizens might record "freely" their approval or disapproval of his continuance in power.
  • But the Athenian public was not in a mood for subtle distinctions, and his air of disapproval was enough.
  • Then a wife accepting attentions from one young man after another would have aroused the contempt and disapproval of every man and woman present.
  • Caradoc grunted disapproval of such doubtful table talk, arose and left the rough company and rough fare with supercilious condemnation.
  • For some reason the pressure of her hand and the look of her eyes flustered and confused him more than had all the coldness and disapproval of her family.
  • Grenadine gave Boyce a strange glare of disapproval and Lloyd smiled because he thought it looked amusing.
  • The Nationalists and their Fenian allies could not be expected to show approval or disapproval of persons who merely administered the same system.
  • She is to express to the other girl her deepest disapproval of such conduct and her own feeling of happiness that anything like that could never happen to her.
  • Her mother was amazed at the very conservative disapproval expressed by this elder daughter, turning for confirmation of her own views to her callers.
  • From the first President Wilson had expressed his disapproval of the methods by which Huerta had attained office.
  • It tried subtly to convey an entire acceptance of her as an individual, combined with disapproval of finding her in the spot she had no excuse for seeking.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disapproval | Disapproval Sentence

  • I see disapproval in your face!
  • Elizabeth felt disapproval in the air.
  • There was a murmur of disapproval at this suggestion.
  • We could have shown him our disapproval in our manner.
  • Her disapproval of the arrangements she found there was decided.
  • He wants the disapproval of his friends to season the praise of his enemies!
  • Edward opposed a stolid and stony disapproval to all the new enthusiasm.
  • A flash of disapproval leapt into the younger man's eyes.
  • Miss Jemima's scornful disapproval was of no avail.
  • I shook my head in grave disapproval as Johanna proceeded with her tale.
  • With disapproval she observed O'Iwa.
  • For the disapproval of these cravens Hal Harling did not care a button.
  • She glanced up in disapproval as Ruth's laugh sounded in the hall.

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