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How To Use Disband In A Sentence?

  • Both parties agreed to disband their forces, and to refer the controversy to the next Parliament.
  • A skilfull Fructerer must put so his helping hand, and disband and put them to flight.
  • This she refused to do, declaring that she would resign her commission first and disband her battalion.
  • She asked them if she should disband the army, and there was a negative wail from one end of the land to the other.
  • A member of the assembly proposes to disband a hundred thousand men, for the sake of relieving the tax-payers of a hundred millions.
  • During the riot, when Dixon marched us back into the armory, he said he intended to disband the whole thing at once.
  • When they departed they advised the duke not to disband his army but to increase it, so that the king their master might be the more inclined to cede promptly the two places mentioned above.
  • I pointed out that to save her life the king required her army to disband itself, and her leaders to deliver themselves up as rebels and insurrectionists, to receive punishment for their so-called offences.
  • It was not an infrequent thing for him on these occasions to disband the company and drop the play; that he should change part of the cast and most of the "business" seemed almost inevitable.
  • They did not discuss the matter now, but in the interval of silence each acknowledged to himself that to disband was best; and briefly each gave his assent; all soberly, some almost gruffly.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disband | Disband Sentence

  • Why do you not disband and return to work?
  • To disband seemed like an acknowledgment of defeat.
  • Shall I disband the army?
  • If I refuse the crown, I disband my party.
  • To continue the organization or to disband it was such a question.
  • Again and again it seemed as if the convention would disband in anarchy.
  • You must surrender your forts, disband your army, and dispose of your fleet.
  • The War Office had decided to disband the garrison and remove its guns!

Definition of Disband

(transitive, intransitive) To break up or (cause to) cease to exist; to disperse. | (transitive, obsolete) To loose the bands of; to set free. | (transitive, obsolete) To divorce.
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