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  • No incriminating marks were discernible on the trees.
  • A scarcely discernible smile shot across his lips.
  • Organs seemingly healthy; no discernible disease.
  • Love is not discernible in that society though philosophy is.
  • There was no discernible difference in its affectionate responses.
  • The top of the mow was not discernible from the barn floor now.
  • Only the slightest trace of the foreigner was discernible in his speech.
  • Some lovely countenances were discernible among the little gathering.
  • This distinction is discernible even among the brute animals.
  • That scarce discernible pufflet of smoke and dust is a revolution.
  • It is very rare that anthracite offers any discernible trace of organization.
  • This complete general fact is the discernible and it comprises the discerned.
  • Nearer he came, and now his face was discernible in the level moonlight.
  • She Was wry-backed, her right shoulder thrust out into a discernible hunch.
  • The truth of Theism is in that sense a truth discernible by Reason.
  • For no discernible reason other than loneliness, Dr. Hoyt was taking her out.
  • The effects are plainly discernible in the boy's appearance.

How To Use Discernible In A Sentence?

  • Ordinarily my inclinations toward church at all are discernible with difficulty.
  • This was very plainly discernible when the epoch-making convention was in session.
  • No practical difference in the accuracy of fire was discernible under either condition.
  • Masked by the shadows of the trees and the shrubbery, they were not discernible from the street.
  • The phantasms of vegetable life are everywhere, though discernible only to the few of us.
  • The only arborescent plants discernible from the deck of our vessel, were clumps of brushwood.
  • Witham smiled, and a trace of irony he could not quite repress was just discernible in his voice.
  • But, as already shown, that circle is too small to be discernible at our distance.
  • His nostrils are dilated, there is intense mental pressure discernible in every line of his face.
  • Behind the house rose the low crest of a prairie billow, hardly discernible on the level plains.
  • Does old Penelly Top stand where it did, faintly discernible in these rainy skies?
  • The Holy Bambino ... barely discernible among the rustling strings of onions over the door.
  • What is most clearly discernible during the taking in of food is partially repeated during excretion.
  • Mountains dimly discernible towered in the distance, and he fancied it was a little before daybreak.
  • Others occupy so little space that the colors representing them are hardly discernible upon the map.
  • However, the color of the feet is not ordinarily discernible in the field while the rabbit is alive.
  • No such combination or alternation of such admirable powers is discernible in any of his otherwise more splendid or sublime compeers.
  • Its height and spaciousness were imperfectly discernible by starlight, and by gleams from a street-lamp.
  • The air has cleared so that considerable bodies of troops in motion will be readily discernible from high altitudes.
  • As they joined him he crouched and pointed to several moccasin tracks which were scarcely discernible on an open patch of ground.
  • The forecasts of this storm were discernible many years since, and its whole course has been a strictly normal one.
  • The floor of the cave lay only a few feet below, faintly discernible in the yellow light which issued from a hooded lantern.
  • The early dusk had fallen and the lamps were not yet alight, but the passers-by were still clearly discernible in the gloom.

Definition of Discernible

Possible to discern; detectable or derivable by use of the senses or the intellect.
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