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  • It was not discolored in the least.
  • I showed him a faded and discolored newspaper.
  • It is much discolored and in an advanced stage of decay.
  • A few drops of blood discolored his cheek near the ear.
  • Lyart, gray in general; discolored by decay or old age.
  • All their clothing was wet and they were discolored with mud.
  • The world was discolored in the girl's eyes.
  • But beyond the monotonous fog that discolored the sky beauty was waiting.
  • Conspurcatus: confusedly sprinkled with discolored or dark spots.
  • The broken line of discolored teeth showed suddenly under the lifted lip.
  • These are the porous lines of spring wood, discolored by foreign matter.
  • Ring: a circle or annulus, usually margining a discolored spot.
  • Dirty O'Brien grinned till his discolored teeth parted the hair upon his face.

How To Use Discolored In A Sentence?

  • If dissected, their stomachs are found to be already discolored by the disease.
  • The sea about the rocks was discolored with his blood, and turbid with the dirt he had torn up.
  • They lay from three to eight bluish white eggs with the usual chalky and discolored appearance.
  • It was there, forming a little scroll, dry and discolored and torn at the edges.
  • In many wounds the balls still remained, and the discolored flesh was swollen unnaturally.
  • The faint light revealed its shabbiness, the grimy rag carpet, and discolored walls.
  • His uniform was so discolored by mud that it was impossible for an observer to determine to which side he belonged.
  • The grime of the bricks had discolored their scented delicacy and he saw bruised finger tips and a torn nail.
  • Its dreariness was only increased by an occasional chalet standing beside a patch of limp and discolored potato-vines.
  • The great black flanks of the latter were now reeking with sweat and discolored by the red-brown mud of the road.
  • Long before, the conflict of human passions in the breast of savage and civilized man had discolored its soil with blood.
  • In spite of a discolored eye and a wrinkled neckband, he was not difficult to identify as their friend of the railroad train.
  • Through this lurid fire and smoke the full moon was rising, its silver disk discolored and partially obscured.
  • If blood is left on the skeleton, the bones will absorb it, and become permanently discolored thereby.
  • Its substance is well preserved; the surface was once highly polished, but now is pitted by erosion and discolored by age.
  • Much of the interring had been done by night, and the flare of lanterns upon the discolored faces and dead eyes must have been hideously effective.
  • Save for that glitter of gold on his glass plate, and the grin of a lighted brazier, all was dark, discolored and cluttered.
  • The parted lips, which were coarse and thin, displayed an imperfect set of teeth, much discolored with tobacco.
  • His broad, brutal face was badly discolored where Ted's fists had come in contact with it.
  • With the bad cooking, and the careless, untidy ways of a char-woman, and with the shabby clothes, that were discolored by use!
  • The altar was painted white, adorned with artificial flowers in gilded wooden vases, and covered by a cloth edged with shabby and discolored lace.
  • And presently the delirium abated, the weary head lay still, the bleared eyes opened, the discolored lips parted, and the dying man tried to speak.
  • Any part of the stem that is discolored or tough or woody should be rejected, and only the portion that is succulent and brittle and of a clean white color at any time used.
  • An examination of the discolored areas, under a microscope, shows the presence of tuft-like growths of spores upon short conidiophores.
  • Ante-humeral stripe: Odonata; a discolored stripe, approximately parallel to, but to the inner side of the humeral suture, q.v.
  • In a number of cases the surface retains the fine polish of the newly finished object, but it is usually somewhat weathered, and frequently discolored or chalky.
  • It is beyond question that any soil, humus, or other discolored matter thrown into an excavation with ordinary soil or subsoil will be apparent for an indefinite time afterwards.

Definition of Discolored

Deprived of color, or given the wrong color; pale, stained. | (obsolete) Multicolored. | simple past tense and past participle of discolor
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