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  • The discomfited peer obeyed him.
  • The discomfited poetess folded up her effusion.
  • The discomfited four passed out of the room again.
  • He crossed his knees in a discomfited silence.
  • Thus saying they immediately left the discomfited brave.
  • The discomfited lady received no comfort from her husband.
  • The laugh was now all against the discomfited Horncastle.
  • The disappointment of the discomfited major-domo excited my compassion.
  • Nevertheless, my discomfited air does not escape my visitors.
  • By this time the astonished and discomfited man had found his voice.
  • Devar was hugely delighted by the man's discomfited tone.
  • Such was the message to the pleased but discomfited Munenori.
  • This somewhat discomfited the MuftĂ­ and he began to apologize for his father.
  • The silence of it discomfited him beyond measure; it was, in a word, uncanny.
  • Not that Grandma looked discomfited on this account, or in bad humor.
  • All discomfited and bewildered, Ben Zoof retired without a word.
  • The sun goes down at Slim Buttes on hundreds of baffled and discomfited Sioux.

How To Use Discomfited In A Sentence?

  • The explosion of an infernal machine would hardly have surprised or discomfited me more.
  • But to reply thus would have discomfited her and perhaps have brought a sharp reply.
  • He spoke in a jerky way, annoyed and discomfited by her forcing the conversation off the track.
  • He seemed perfectly at home, and in no wise discomfited by the storm that was raging around him.
  • And he sent out arrows, and scattered them; Lightning, and discomfited them.
  • The Elector of Treves was leaning back in his chair discomfited by her abrupt desertion of him.
  • With sudden spasm Convulsion shook him sore, and on his back Discomfited he lay.
  • The remains of the discomfited Pagan host crossed over into Mercia, and gave no further trouble.
  • He found Peter pacing the hall, and they went out into the June dark together, a discomfited pair.
  • What chiefly discomfited him was the fact that his proceedings were a matter of interest and observation.
  • The Cruchots and Des Grassins retired discomfited before the presence of Charles Grandet.
  • At this sally such a guffaw of laughter greeted the discomfited punchers that they retired from the field for the time being.
  • As his footsteps died away on the stairs the discomfited and astonished directors looked one at the other.
  • Eleanor felt exceedingly abashed and displeased and discomfited at this extraordinary proceeding, but she did not know how to resist it.
  • To do him full justice, he did not seem much discomfited by this turn of fortune's wheel.
  • For although abashed and discomfited by his repeated failures to make his feelings understood, he was more in love than ever.
  • Presently my men hailed me, and approaching, swore with imposing loftiness at the discomfited guide.
  • The maid, leaving her discomfited companion with a final burst of reproaches, came to the side of the car.
  • The laugh was like a trumpet of triumph flung across the distance at the discomfited enemy thus going off drooping in the hurry of defeat.
  • Manguino felt discomfited standing there and Orren couldn't help but notice it.
  • She arrived at home just in time to dress for dinner, finding her husband surprised and somewhat discomfited at her prolonged absence.
  • When he got back, with as much grass as he could possibly carry, he was greatly discomfited to find that the horses were all for himself.
  • Lucy was indeed far down the level road, laughing to herself as she thought of the discomfited Elias.

Definition of Discomfited

simple past tense and past participle of discomfit
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