Disconsolate In A Sentence

Definition of Disconsolate

Cheerless, dreary. | Seemingly beyond consolation; inconsolable. | (obsolete) Disconsolateness.

How To Use Disconsolate In A Sentence?

  • Elmore went out for a long walk, from which he returned disconsolate at dinner.
  • She saw her cousin standing disconsolate under the train sheds, just as she had left him.
  • Creamer was at the lead, but disconsolate and terrified, having utterly lost his reckoning.
  • The waiter gave me a disconsolate look and proceeded to gird up his loins with a base ball belt.
  • She looked more than ever like a disconsolate tabby, and her hands were restless and clumsy.
  • After his departure she sat in a disconsolate mood in the large room, longing for company.
  • Nelly, as, with rather a disconsolate air, she glanced up the twelve flights of steps.
  • For a second Wilson looked so disconsolate that she offered her last bit of information.
  • She was only a little way now from the house, a hatless, disconsolate figure, oppressed and rigid.
  • Why, Richard, thee never saw such a disconsolate household as we were after Emily left.
  • This memorial was erected by his beloved wife and disconsolate widow, M. A. Hastings.
  • Every now and then they uttered a piping disconsolate note, as if they had a very sorry time of it.
  • Every now and then they uttered a piping, disconsolate note, as if they had a very sorry time of it.
  • She could not help brooding over it, and the more she dwelt upon the subject the more disconsolate and discontented she became.
  • But after his soliloquy he shook his head in a disconsolate manner, and betook himself to a novel by way of distraction.
  • How could those peaks stand round so aloof and indifferent, and leave him here disconsolate and alone?
  • I yelled something of this to my disconsolate cavalry officer, and suggested that he should follow me up the wall and see for himself.
  • Having now lost at love, he lay disconsolate on his pallet in the tenement overlooking the soap factory.
  • But the black soldier had been staring with a disconsolate face out over the desert, and he turned upon his heel with an oath.
  • It was a very disconsolate little face that turned towards the open window to hide its disappointment from possibly curious neighbors.
  • When he learned that she had a fortune of her own his hopes came tumbling about his head, and he lay disconsolate among the ruins.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disconsolate | Disconsolate Sentence

  • Jane was supposed to be the disconsolate widow.
  • Emmie heaved a disconsolate sigh.
  • She made a disconsolate gesture.
  • Betty felt rather disconsolate after they had gone.
  • I was still in a dark and disconsolate mood.
  • I must spare thee my disconsolate trouble.
  • Her long widowhood was a period of disconsolate mourning.
  • Oh, how lonely and disconsolate he felt.
  • It was a disconsolate Barbara who received him.
  • Just then the disconsolate Phoebe came by.
  • We lived in a frame house, painted a disconsolate yellow.
  • Mrs. Allonby smiled at his disconsolate face.
  • The disconsolate company retired to the remaining part of the castle.
  • I leaned over the side of the ship in a very disconsolate frame of mind.
  • The lanky figure jack-knifed together again in disconsolate despair.
  • Pauline's disconsolate face gave him the excuse he desired.
  • Jane was sitting in the great hall, feeling disconsolate enough.
  • Old uncle Jacob was all but disconsolate at the loss of Paul.
  • Indeed--and it was a disconsolate night!

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