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  • Their discontent found vent in words.
  • These two causes of discontent produce the worst results.
  • Instability and discontent of, and the remedy, 206.
  • Anger is the emotional effect of extreme discontent and opposition.
  • My chief occupation through these years was to keep my discontent alive.
  • At times an expression of weariness or discontent came into his eyes.
  • In shadowy garrets they mutter their discontent and plan rebellion.
  • For a long time there was widespread discontent with this new system.
  • We find the irrepressible discontent gathering around like a thunder-storm.

How To Use Discontent In A Sentence?

  • The sourness of my own discontent was dissolved in the alembic of his joviality.
  • Who stirred up the forces of discontent because he could harness them to his chariot!
  • Have we too little wailing and misery and discontent and class-hatred as it is?
  • But until the previous evening his discontent had been free from the bitter draught of jealousy.
  • Her lips parted, and the sullen discontent of her face was for a moment lightened.
  • Meanwhile, great discontent had been caused in Russia by the continued retreat of the armies.
  • In 1796, a tax, which caused great discontent and ridicule, was laid for the first time upon dogs.
  • But best of all, I never ceased to love the Witch Discontent in spite of what she had done to me.
  • The solar catastrophe had occurred and the reasons for their mass discontent were subsequently forgotten.
  • The winter of 1695-96 was one of discontent by reason of a failure of the crops during the previous season.
  • And when she moved on out to the side porch, she viewed with a certain discontent the peaceful scene before her.
  • Here spoke universal human nature, which finds its strong argument for immortality in its discontent with matters as they now are.
  • There is no need for discontent or vain regrets, for not one pennyworth of treasure is aboard yon craft.
  • Education without democracy perpetuates caste divisions, or else breeds discontent and class hatred.
  • Similar causes have operated to produce discontent amongst the teachers, who in turn inoculate their pupils with the virus of disaffection.
  • No person can maintain a quiet and cheerful frame of mind, while tones of discontent and displeasure are sounding on the ear.
  • The dominant discontent of any age is prone to spread its wings over other grievances, and feebler movements seek shelter from the strong.
  • The poverty and misery, experienced by the peasants in their comfortless hovels, awakens a feeling of discontent and protest.
  • Down below scarcely a breath was stirring, but here a fresh breeze blew the hair into her eyes and began to blow the discontent out of her mind.
  • One shirking or inexperienced man may appreciably curtail the output of an entire camp and breed discontent and dissatisfaction among the crew.
  • The discontent caused by the indifference of the Government to the wishes of the people is fraught with formidable possibilities.
  • It was merely that to her would come men, women, and children, each with a sorry tale of discontent or disappointment.
  • Richard Horton was standing near, in a state of great discontent that he had not been chosen to accompany them in their expedition.
  • The man's moment of passionate discontent had passed, and he smiled into the girl's questioning eyes in his gentle fashion.
  • Within two years his paper was suppressed for exciting discontent with the government, and to avoid a prosecution he fled to England.
  • In 1800 various causes of discontent led him to solicit leave to return to England, where he was received with the enthusiasm due to his services.
  • The more intelligent of them have so learned to veil their feelings that you do not see the undercurrent of discontent beneath their apparent good humor and jollity.
  • Even when the proceedings had been closed, a strong current of discontent set from the managing head of the Stone Ranch.
  • If there is one suburb in Melbourne where a man might be excused depression and discontent it is that undesirable and dusty part called Tottenham.
  • Ultimately, however, he admitted with discontent the advisability of letting Mrs. Rendal have something on account.
  • To excite discontent and disaffection amongst divers of her Majesty's subjects serving in her Majesty's army.

Definition of Discontent

Not content; discontented; dissatisfied. | To deprive of contentment; to make uneasy; to dissatisfy. | (uncountable) Dissatisfaction.
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