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  • No discord has yet been found between them.
  • The concordant discord was perfect.
  • Peace he will plant where discord grew before.
  • In a surging discord comes.
  • They spread discord and discomfort wherever they are.
  • There was a rising discord of excited voices in the room.
  • But I find discord in your midst, strife and confusion.
  • Perhaps you have never reflected that disease and discord are the same.
  • Her riding had all along been a subject of discord between them.
  • In such an extremity as mine, all discord and strife are at an end.
  • Then we shall be right in calling vice a discord and disease of the soul?
  • The Apple of Discord 282 XVII.
  • But will they once more be engaged in a war, Be fated to discord again?
  • Such civil discord indeed existed in Egypt under various forms.
  • She had carried the Apple of Discord up the hill and down again.

How To Use Discord In A Sentence?

  • How unlike the shrill discord whereby the ordinary workgirl expresses her foolish mirth!
  • Besides, she feared occasioning discord or commotion in the quiet circle in which she lived.
  • At last his entreaties were unheeded, and discord continued to rend asunder the bond of unity.
  • And who art thou that bringest discord and rough, angry passions into a scene like this?
  • Gone is his body fine and amorous, Whence have we grief, discord and deepest sadness.
  • In human discord is thy dire delight, The waste of slaughter, and the rage of fight.
  • One was Duncan McKay, to whom we have just referred as being in discord with his father.
  • There is no sign in them that the divergence of opinion produced the slightest discord in the harmony of their life.
  • Do you not conceive discord to be a dissolution of kindred elements, originating in some disagreement?
  • The tortured goatskin's monotonous discord blended with the savage harmony of the song.
  • Henceforth a discord ran through all the melodies of existence, and ever and anon reproduced itself in the creations of imagination.
  • Every agreement was broken as soon as made, and each element of the discord was frantically appealing to the people.
  • They have demanded effects from brick which it was unable to give, with a profound discord between form and matter as a result.
  • This place of retreat is so safe, so sheltered, that no sound which has discord in it can reach his ears.
  • We are ourselves a term in the equation, a note of the chord, and make discord or harmony almost at will.
  • A concluding hymn and prayer closed the service, which had been well conducted, without discord or confusion.
  • Here we see the germ of that discord which everywhere in Europe exists between the payers and receivers of rent.
  • The audience applauded, the ladies shrieked and fled from the theatre, and a scene of discord ensued that baffles all description.
  • The vanities of the world glitter in vain, discord cannot jar, and in the midst of tumult and sorrow souls are at peace.
  • Would all Chiavari assembled on Wimbledon make up a drearier discord than a ministerial explanation?
  • If it is, there are few of us who have not thrown into life much, very much to mar the harmonies of nature, to throw discord among the spheres.
  • A heavenly band from heaven's bright realm descends, All evil ceases, and all discord ends.
  • We may naturally regret that anything should have occurred to create difference and discord between those who had acted harmoniously and efficiently in the great concerns of the revolution.
  • The spirit of discord and enmity is instilled by the more violent of both parties into their children as a duty, so that it will probably descend from generation to generation.
  • Amid all the discord and threats, the New England colonies continued to advance in population, and their villages assumed the dignity of towns.

Definition of Discord

(intransitive, archaic) To disagree; to fail to agree or harmonize; clash. | Lack of concord, agreement or harmony. | Tension or strife resulting from a lack of agreement; dissension.
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