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  • Even this did not discourage him.
  • It was not his business to discourage her.
  • Everybody tried to discourage him.
  • They will but confuse and discourage him.
  • This was done to discourage intruders.
  • This is a story told to discourage greediness.
  • Her attitude of the night before had surely been enough to discourage any one.
  • One mustn't discourage honest informers.
  • Jean was interested, and she did not discourage the nice young man.
  • They were small at first; but they tended to discourage his followers.
  • You may have much to discourage you; it may be better for you, if you do.
  • But I really do not see why you should discourage the match.
  • He was very kind, however, about the matter, and did not discourage me at all.
  • He's remarkably fond of fishing, and his advisers don't discourage him.
  • But I don't wish to discourage you.
  • Brant, as we shall see, did little to discourage this among his warriors.
  • Eve cried in despair, "or you would not discourage us in this way.

How To Use Discourage In A Sentence?

  • The strangest fact of all was that it did not lessen his popularity or discourage his troops.
  • They inhabit regions where conditions discourage all but a few of the broad-leaved trees.
  • The failure of the men does not dishearten or discourage the women who have taken up the work.
  • These remarks were widely published and did much to discourage the pro-slavery agitators.
  • Even this did not discourage the crowd, which stood about in its sodden clothes waiting.
  • It is necessary, then, to manage it very nicely, so as not to discourage him at first.
  • Such a tax would not discourage thrift or prevent a person from getting a reasonable return on his savings.
  • Such attempts bring on disgrace, and in their failure discountenance and discourage more rational endeavors.
  • Is it not then reasonable to suppose that it was intended as a satire against this girl, and to discourage others from following her steps?
  • The miscarriage of a detail here and there in this vast, comprehensive plan of action did not in the least sense discourage him.
  • I am the last man in the world to discourage what is ordinarily regarded and accepted as reasonable precaution against embarrassment and adversity.
  • Now, I don't want to discourage you with the noble career you have opened for yourself here.
  • The statement that the Indians have no faith is a pretext of the devil, to discourage the gospel ministers.
  • Brigham Young was too shrewd not to discourage all mining desires on the part of his people, and he managed to hold them.
  • On the 29th, being chased by torpedo-boats and gunboats, she was forced to fire a chance shot in order to discourage the pursuit.
  • As if this were not enough to discourage the community, along came the cholera, which in five weeks destroyed four per cent.
  • However, she realized that Penny needed activity to keep her from brooding, so she wisely did not discourage her.
  • Speakers who wished to discourage the exodus reported "exact" figures on the death rate of the migrants in the North that were astounding.
  • With no traffic to interfere, the Gloria ought to fly over the distance in four hours; and what if everyone did try to discourage us?
  • M. de Lescure had long expected its destruction, but had not chosen to remove the furniture, lest he should discourage the peasants.
  • The vicissitudes which befall the production of the northern hickories are often so great as to discourage nurserymen who otherwise would grow them.
  • An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions, as not to discourage them too much.
  • And Sir S. proceeded to give the cousin a refrigerator glance; but it didn't discourage him.

Definition of Discourage

(transitive) To extinguish the courage of; to dishearten; to depress the spirits of; to deprive of confidence; to deject. | (transitive) To persuade somebody not to do (something). | (rare) Lack of courage
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