Discourages in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Discourages

1. Anne discourages the plan. 🔊

2. It discourages people from acquiring small properties. 🔊

3. Death discourages Fortune. 🔊

4. Ma scolds so much when I do tell her things, that it sort of discourages me. 🔊

5. The God discourages sin, though, in myth, he is far from impeccable. 🔊

6. Aunt Susie discourages me, but I don't care for that. 🔊

7. George Mason said: "Slavery discourages arts and manufactures. 🔊

How to use Discourages in Sentences?

1. The thick bark of hickories and pecans discourages the use of the shield or "T" bud. 🔊

2. Not only is fire the greatest destroyer of existing forests, but it also discourages investment in reforestation. 🔊

3. The belief that at some time humanity has already come to full flower, discourages the laborers in the human garden. 🔊

4. His "god in a halo of gold dust" seriously discourages any attempt to brand him with the mark of the reverting carnivor. 🔊

5. They waste effort and divert power from practical ends, and result in that kind of disappointment that discourages the heart and unnerves the arm. 🔊

6. The Comando Supremo can, of course, have all the motor-cars it wants, but it discourages their use except in cases of necessity. 🔊