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How To Use Discoursing In A Sentence?

  • Old Probabilities is also on board, discoursing at intervals to all who will give ear.
  • One day, when Aristide was discoursing on the inexhaustible subject of woman, I pulled him up.
  • For discoursing upon history he has important qualifications, which it would be uncandid not to acknowledge.
  • Thus discoursing they had beguiled the long hours of the night and made their long journey appear short.
  • He was very fond of discoursing on the "special providences" of which he believed he was daily the subject.
  • But mentally he was discoursing vigorously in his wild state of excitement, for he could judge of his own appearance by that of his officer.
  • As we sat discoursing at the table, the national entered with the passport in his hand, and sat down by us.
  • He took, however, great delight in discoursing on ecclesiastical subjects and the writings of the fathers.
  • I had thought it strange enough he should bring the child into that scene; that he should actually be discoursing of his act, passed measure.
  • While Irma was pounding down on it she was discoursing to me how, besides papers, she had cravings for poetry.
  • In discoursing from these words, he spoke many encouraging words to the teachers and parents, and gave good advice to the children.
  • She kissed Jessie with as much affection as if she had not seen her for a week, and began discoursing with great volubility.
  • Gently discoursing to the disturbed eunuchs, we went through room after room, which even on the hot autumn day seemed cool and peaceful.
  • But they which tould you we spent so much time in discoursing & consulting, &c., their harts can tell their toungs, they lye.
  • At the mouth of the cavern he found an armed Knight, discoursing with a peasant, who assured him he had seen a lady enter the passes of the rock.
  • With eloquence and fervor, Vahíd was discoursing on the signs and verses that bore witness to the advent of the new Manifestation.
  • Here in this very chamber, if rumour is to be believed, Emmanuel Kant himself had sat discoursing many a time and oft.
  • There is always something very unsatisfactory and inconclusive about a blind man discoursing on colour, or a dyspeptic one on pleasure and happiness.
  • Now, like another Ulysses, on his homeward way he has come to us for a brief interval, after visiting many cities and discoursing on many themes.
  • A man who talked loud and much was discoursing on the other side of the table; and a spirit of opposition had clearly entered into Mr. Browning.
  • And his beloved at another Counter finds imploiment enough with telling mony, weighing of gold, and discoursing with the Customers.
  • In this scornful tone did Carl Greifmann speak of the heroism of virtue and of the energy of faith, like a blind man discoursing about colors.
  • Not less facile with the pen than the tongue, he has written on many topics, and this afternoon it will be our privilege to listen to him discoursing on a lofty theme.
  • While we were all there, and my lady showing us how the light shined through her thin hands, and discoursing right merrily, there came a page and handed her a letter.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Discoursing | Discoursing Sentence

  • Show me what good I am to do by discoursing with you.
  • We continued discoursing until we arrived at Pegões.
  • The Professor was discoursing upon the climate.
  • Here I met with Mr. Mage, and discoursing of musique Mons.
  • Meantime in the tent Duncan Ross was discoursing to his friends.
  • We--somehow we got to discoursing about owls.

Definition of Discoursing

present participle of discourse | conversation
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