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  • This is very discoverable when the meat is chopped up and drenched with warm water.
  • It is a fact familiar or at least discoverable as operative in a great number of other events.
  • The road here is only discoverable by its barren track, along the cultivated meadows.
  • The points advanced were new, undigested, perhaps inexact, filled with discoverable flaws.
  • A symbol of how they were trampled out is discoverable in the "T. P." shoe-nails.
  • If so, it is not discoverable in any of the former's personal or newspaper correspondence.
  • The two cities are one except in law and the line dividing them is not discoverable except by the surveyor.
  • Of course the greater difference would be discoverable in such rivers as have been bound in locks and dams, and deepened by the dredge.
  • The eruption comes out about the third day of the attack, sometimes not discoverable until the end of the third or beginning of the fourth day.
  • The captain pointed out a strange apparition in the north, but which was really south of the pole, and discoverable with the glass.
  • The burial-ground by which he had paused was as little restful to the eye as are most of those discoverable in the byways of London.
  • The only wood discoverable in the dark was half-dry birch which would not burn in the stove but sent out volumes of smoke that blinded us.
  • Some elements in the sun are scarcely, if at all, discoverable on the earth, and some on the earth not yet discernible in the sun.
  • That smile of hers, which touched and fascinated and made thoughtful, had of course a significance discoverable by study of her life and character.
  • Traces of this wide-spread custom among primitive people, extended themselves, are discoverable among civilized lands.
  • The spores could not be made to give rise to such germs by cultivation; nor were such germs discoverable in the air, or in the food of the fly.
  • All that chemistry can tell us is the amount of "carboniferous" or "nitrogenous" elements discoverable in different dietetic articles.
  • In scientific research it is more fruitful to attempt what happens to be before one at the moment and for whose investigation there is a discoverable method.
  • We said there hitherto was nearly nothing anywhere discoverable as History of this high Lady but the dates only; these we now give.
  • His first care was to examine the line at its fullest tension; but the exact direction was not discoverable because of the thickness of the verge of the ice.
  • The tokens of an extreme antiquity are discoverable in almost every single feature of the Indian Village Communities.
  • Faint appearances, discoverable only by laryngosocopy, may furnish the first indication of pulmonary tuberculosis before any physical signs are present.
  • The physical relations between the firmament of heaven and the globe allotted by the Creator of all to be the abode of man are discoverable only by the organ of the eye.
  • In these rules no traces are discoverable of the military spirit which afterwards animated the order of the Hospital of St. John.
  • Yet in so doing we are simply considering the characteristic of like elements of individual minds, as we might consider the characteristic or like elements discoverable in individual trees and kinds of trees.
  • The spots were evidently caused by an effusion of blood beneath the cutis, and the presumption is strong, that it issued from the little point discoverable in the centre of each spot.
  • None but women was discoverable at work on this eve of harvest, excepting here and there an old man, while children, too, were being pressed into service.
  • When, for instance, the stain is not to be found in the superficial layers of the sole, but is only discoverable by deep paring, then the injury is a recent one.
  • This suggestion was conveyed to Patrick, who asked Dr. Curry whether chloroform left any traces discoverable upon an autopsy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Discoverable | Discoverable Sentence

  • It is rarely discoverable except from directly beneath it.
  • If she were nervous no trace of it was discoverable in her voice.
  • And surface water discoverable only every fifty or sixty miles.
  • Had suffered from sciatica without discoverable cause for several years.

Definition of Discoverable

Able to be discovered. | (law) Subject to legal discovery; able to be requested by an opposing party through a legal process such as a subpoena.
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