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  • Major Ellis discriminates Tshi gods as-- 1.

How To Use Discriminates In A Sentence?

  • Watch how a person born blind unerringly discriminates the character of those he meets by this alone.
  • Because an inequitable system of taxation, discriminates in their favor; offering aid and encouragement for them to do so.
  • A system of taxation which discriminates against timber, one of the chief natural resources of the commonwealth, is to be condemned.
  • With sure prompt insight he discriminates what is what: a strong just man, he speaks forth what is the wise course, and all men follow him in that.
  • When the ear no longer discriminates between that which is pleasant or that which is painful, it will no longer be affected by the voices of others.
  • But it would be as unfair to Bacon to convert into an aphorism the sentence that discriminates between knowledge and power as it is to convert into an aphorism any sentence that confounds them.
  • The Swedish system discriminates in favour of the dissentients within a party, and this discrimination may have unexpected effects on party organization.

Definition of Discriminates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of discriminate
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