Discuss In A Sentence

How To Use Discuss In A Sentence?

  • We can discuss in a friendly manner what is to be done and settled as to the future.
  • At last they had finished, and then proceeded to discuss their future movements.
  • Joan was aware that people were beginning to discuss the affair, and to watch her curiously.
  • He wished to discuss the current question in America under the guise of humorous Yankee attack.
  • She had not so far been able to bring him down from the clouds long enough to discuss ways and means.
  • Access to media technology empowers those same people to discuss how they might want to change the status quo.
  • If they choose to hold a convention to discuss the affairs of rat-and-mousedom, they can do it for all me.
  • The consideration of most of them may be deferred; but we had better now discuss the chief captain and leader of them.
  • If you are really going to stay and talk with me, do you mind if we don't discuss my husband?
  • Town councils held indignation meetings, to discuss the advisability of banning them from the public reading-rooms.
  • It is not a topic which they discuss at all in public, nor one upon which it is easy to extract their views even in private.
  • As several similar variations or errors occur in this part of the series, it will be as well to discuss the point here as elsewhere.
  • When they saw Boyce he looked familiar to them but while at the ball they didn't discuss it.
  • The most favourite of interesting conversations was to discuss the ideal menu at a first-rate London restaurant.
  • As to a secret doctrine, we shall hereafter discuss the question whether the Templars had one or not.
  • He would not even discuss the idea of her going back to London to arrange her affairs and collect her possessions.
  • To this they answered for the third time that they had no authority to discuss halfway measures, but that Maluco should be surrendered to them.
  • We run over our list of titled purchases every now and then, in the newspapers, and discuss them and caress them, and are thankful and happy.
  • If Bruce wished to discuss the elopement that she had so laboriously concealed, he would have to go elsewhere.
  • Somewhat crestfallen, the striking pair repaired to the Bowhead saloon to discuss the situation over a glass of beer.
  • We were men of all parties and very various experiences, and our object was to discuss the welfare of the Empire in a disinterested spirit.
  • But if you ever discuss that man in my presence again, I shall cease to regard you even as an acquaintance.
  • It came upon her, with a rush of relief, that here was somebody with whom she could discuss her problem, whose advice she could ask.
  • We shall discuss this subject and the rebellion occasioned by this matter in Manila in 1767, while I was still there.
  • I am not proposing to discuss all of the peculiarities of the human race, at this time; I only wish to touch lightly upon one or two of them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Discuss | Discuss Sentence

  • We cannot stop to discuss that now.
  • Pep tarried not to discuss or explain.
  • I can discuss it better in your absence.
  • She seemed willing to discuss the point.
  • Launcelot leaned against a tree to discuss the question.
  • We won't discuss each other at all.
  • I am not going to discuss the relations between my husband and yourself.
  • When we meet we can discuss the mischance that has befallen you.
  • I'm wrong to discuss it with you at all.
  • We'll discuss the cur-dog later.
  • Music, if there was no one around to discuss it or analyse it.
  • He would drop in at any odd hour to discuss his latest enterprise.
  • We may now discuss the circuits of a complete simple magneto switchboard.
  • Michael, you must see that we can't discuss that now.
  • I dare say that the Stranger will not object to discuss the question.

Definition of Discuss

(transitive) To converse or debate concerning a particular topic. | (transitive, obsolete) To communicate, tell, or disclose (information, a message, etc.). | (obsolete, transitive) To break to pieces; to shatter.
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