Disenchantment In A Sentence

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  • Was the moment of disenchantment upon her now?
  • But he met only disenchantment from the first.
  • But the work of disenchantment began early.
  • A bitter disenchantment filled our tired hearts.
  • It was a sad disenchantment for us both).
  • This was not the only disenchantment of Queen Mab.
  • But, once the work of nature accomplished, disenchantment ensues.

How To Use Disenchantment In A Sentence?

  • This very day, however, there was pronounced a decree of rude disenchantment for him.
  • Lloyd shook his head in disenchantment just as Brook also looked out the window and saw the same.
  • And strangely enough it resembled the state of mind of a man who fears disenchantment more than sortilege.
  • When you marry him you must save him from a cruel disenchantment by raising yourself to the level he fancies you have attained.
  • She was not to suffer any disenchantment or decline; her love was not to know any cold of fear or her genius any fever of frustration.
  • A good mind protects like a divinity; disenchantment is as keen-sighted as a surgeon; experience as foreseeing as a mother.
  • Moreover, when the work of nature is accomplished, disenchantment does not, as Schopenhauer insisted, invariably ensue.
  • Often, while ignorant of its true object, it asks whence comes that fatal disenchantment by which all its successes, all its pleasures are successively extinguished.

Definition of Disenchantment

The act of disenchanting or the state of being disenchanted. | Freeing from false belief or illusions.
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