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  • Let us not have a disgraceful altercation.
  • I will not have this disgraceful noise and disorder!
  • This I call disgraceful to the American name.
  • That provision should be large, and not disgraceful to them.
  • Nay, they avoided her as if she had been guilty of some disgraceful act.
  • The revilers have made a great mistake or committed a disgraceful outrage.
  • Carl saw the blow coming, and saved himself in a disgraceful manner.
  • Be persuaded; for to a wise man 'tis disgraceful to err.
  • Mrs. Gaskell writes: 'All the disgraceful details came out.
  • By one woman, Miss Nightingale, our disgraceful nursing system was reformed.
  • He Saves The Roman Army By A Disgraceful Treaty.

How To Use Disgraceful In A Sentence?

  • He must run for it now, if the traces of his disgraceful lapse were to be covered.
  • Morgenroth paid no attention to their disgraceful clamor, but continued his opposition undismayed.
  • It is disgraceful to impute to them stories of fraud, adultery, theft and deceit.
  • Here Lawrence turned Captain Jackson over, charging him with disgraceful cowardice.
  • The candidate had happened to be involved with James P. Casey in a disgraceful election.
  • Like a dash of cold water his appearance brought several of the participants in the disgraceful scene to their senses.
  • And so there the disgraceful advertisement remains, flaring and glaring defiance at us across the river.
  • Julia was shocked and surprised at the depth of disgraceful vanity and cowardice which special circumstances had brought within her consciousness.
  • He turned and looked at her, and he knew that the priceless guerdon which he had played for as a mere counter in a disgraceful game had been won.
  • I made no resistance or complaint; my jewelled slippers were taken off, and all was ready for the disgraceful punishment.
  • And on account of this strange stupidity of soldiers, things that would be disgraceful in private life become glorious in war.
  • The charm of this concourse of people is the primitive orderly enjoyment of outdoor life, without the disgraceful accompaniments of drunkenness.
  • In this sense, the nation as a whole has shown a fine socialistic temper; but the disgraceful exception has been the socialist party.
  • This world can never attain its highest standard of civilization until this one disgraceful blemish, called war, is obliterated.
  • Once only, in connection with his construction of a Spanish railway he had laid himself open to a couple of disgraceful charges.
  • Treachery thrust our weapon from our hands; let virtue raise again that weapon, and then shall perish that disgraceful yoke under which we groan.
  • Cowardice is a weakness, perhaps a disgraceful weakness: a defect of character which makes a man contemptible, just as foolishness does.
  • It would serve Ceccherelli right that his part in the disgraceful business should be known, dangerous little beast that he is.
  • Last night, just as I was within an ace of releasing myself from the terrible bondage, you entered and discovered the disgraceful truth.
  • He rose, lit a match and burnt the letter, with a feeling akin to relief when nothing remained of the disgraceful document, save a few ashes.
  • I solemnly protest against the assumption that their disgraceful and outrageous conduct is in accordance with the spirit of the party which they dishonor.
  • I would call the especial attention of the river authorities to the disgraceful state of the river as far as Buckenham Ferry.
  • Such are the disgraceful acts of men bred at an English University, compared with whom the common pickpocket appears positively respectable.
  • Magellan thought that by this address he had soothed and encouraged the minds of his men, but within a few days he was troubled by a wicked and disgraceful mutiny.
  • By that means he probably hoped suspicion would be diverted from his disgraceful expedients, and he would save his name from shame at the expense of ours.
  • Few scenes at that period could have been more disgraceful than those at the official receptions held in London by the Prime Minister.
  • All in vain did their mothers and friends tell them how foolish and disgraceful these actions were; they quoted the shining example of the nephew in defence of their behavior.
  • We do not argue seriously whether the career of the highwayman or burglar is legitimate and desirable; and it is impossible to maintain that what is disgraceful for the individual is creditable for the state.
  • He told them what he had been able to accomplish by himself, in a short time; how he had redeemed the glen from its disgraceful condition and restored it to its former beauty.

Definition of Disgraceful

Bringing or warranting disgrace; shameful. | Giving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation.
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