Disguise In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disguise | Disguise Sentence

  • There was no disguise about it.
  • You must disguise yourself.
  • Lumley had dropped all disguise now.
  • But the disguise is perfect.
  • Can you not help to disguise me?
  • Now the disguise is perfect.
  • His disguise was absolute.
  • To be in this disguise was no novelty to him.
  • The disguise was certainly masterly.
  • I felt that disguise was useless.
  • All his life he loved to disguise himself.
  • I could keep my disguise here.
  • It was no use trying to disguise it!
  • Under such disguise murders were sometimes committed.
  • You must not disguise your lead line.
  • We must not disguise the audacity of the scheme.
  • People of quality disguise themselves as tavern-waiters.
  • He knew that it would be impossible to disguise himself.
  • She wore my cloak on purpose to disguise her.
  • I have brought a disguise and arms and money.
  • Well, the disguise is perfect.
  • Any one in disguise is bound to be interesting.
  • This disguise was employed by day as well.
  • Garry made no attempt to disguise his impatience.
  • Princes fly in disguise and kings are in banishment living.
  • Those who attempt to act in disguise are apt to overdo it.
  • It stood forth without disguise as a deliberate rag.
  • But in my rough disguise and limping gait none knew me.
  • It stood forth without disguise as a deliberate rag.
  • It would be far wiser to disguise his real feelings.
  • To disguise oneself as a working-man is no easy matter.
  • He was free, his disguise still protecting him.
  • His own clothing, the disguise he had bought in the bazaar.
  • Strange to say, his disguise was penetrated immediately.
  • When it is used, some attempt must be made to disguise it.

How To Use Disguise In A Sentence?

  • I inquired, without attempting to disguise my suspicion.
  • She did not disguise from herself that Terence had faults.
  • Suppose I wanted to disguise myself.
  • Why should I now disguise my thoughts?
  • Wooden dress, disguise of heroine, 48.

Definition of Disguise

(transitive) To change the appearance of (a person or thing) so as to hide, or to assume an identity. | (transitive) To avoid giving away or revealing (something secret); to hide by a false appearance. | (archaic) To affect or change by liquor; to intoxicate.
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