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  • Do you want a dish towel?
  • Put into an earthen dish 1 lb.
  • Turn out on a dish and serve with wine sauce.
  • When cooked put on a dish to cool.
  • Lay them on a flat dish and cover with fried greens.
  • Put in a baking dish in the oven and bake until tender.
  • Turn in a dish and cover the top with 2 ozs.
  • Turn into a baking dish and stand in a pan of hot water.
  • Garnish the dish with thin strips of well-cooked bacon.
  • Turn into a well greased dish and bake 3/4 of an hour.
  • When done, dish the eels and pour the sauce over.
  • Just as they were putting the potatoes in a dish they heard footsteps.
  • Turn out on a hot dish and fill the centre with creamed fish.
  • Put the oysters on a hot dish and pour biscuit balls and sauce over them.
  • Serve on a hot dish with lettuce leaves and hard boiled egg.
  • When cold butter a baking dish and cover the bottom with crumbs.
  • Strain the cream through a sieve into a dish and add 1-1/2 ozs.
  • The solid left in the dish is identical in every way with the original salt.
  • Beat well the yolks of four eggs, put them into a dish with 3 ozs.

How To Use Dish In A Sentence?

  • She brought him to a dish of water kept for their use by some people who were fond of birds.
  • When done a knife blade run down to the bottom of the dish will come out clean.
  • Many thanks for the dish you sent me yesterday, which will suffice for to-day also.
  • Put in a layer of bread crumbs, a layer of the tongue; fill the dish in this way.
  • Line a deep dish with biscuit dough, pour in the beef, cover over the top with more of the dough.
  • Faith, after half an hour's dish of talk, that's a reasonable long time to remember!
  • On the table was a dish with some ham, a bottle of vodka, plates, knives, forks.
  • Lay a little in the bottom of a pudding dish, then a layer of fish and so on until the dish is full.
  • I could calm myself sufficiently to pick up the dish and carefully collect the scattered green pods.
  • Pour into a broad dish or agate-iron pan and set in a cold place until perfectly chilled and stiff.
  • But the mother jumped into the middle of the water dish and stood there, holding the worm in his sight.
  • She had got out of the way of eating and into the way of starving; the choicest dish would not have tempted her.
  • One day she found a new dish on her table and inquired concerning it, and learned that it was made of snails.
  • Cook a teaspoonful of finely chopped onion in 2-1/2 tablespoonfuls of butter in the blazer of a chafing dish 5 minutes.
  • Fry on both sides until done; sprinkle over them chopped parsley, place on a dish and serve with a brown gravy.
  • Turn into a pudding dish and cover with half a cup of cracker crumbs, mixed with 3 tablespoonfuls of melted butter.
  • Cook salted corn-meal for at least an hour; turn into a baking dish and add a cupful of grated cheese and season with pepper.
  • And going to the door, he gave the servant in the passage an order, and a few minutes later the latter returned with a dish of charcoal.
  • Line a pudding-dish with pie-crust around the sides, and put a tea-cup in the centre of the dish to support the top crust when it is added.
  • Butter a pudding dish and fill with alternate layers of cold minced turkey and cooked minced and cold sausage meat, seasoning slightly as you go.
  • Then the fire of questions and answers was presently interrupted by Mills, triumphantly bearing in a fresh dish of curry.

Definition of Dish

(transitive) To put in a dish or dishes; serve, usually food. | (informal, slang) To gossip; to relay information about the personal situation of another. | (transitive) To make concave, or depress in the middle, like a dish.
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