Dishonest In A Sentence

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  • It is dishonest to do so.
  • What is dishonest in it?
  • Just so of many a dishonest bee.
  • It seemed to him dishonest to acquiesce.
  • A dishonest or hypocritical infidel is an impossibility.
  • They are said to be indolent and dishonest as a rule.
  • His opponents call him a dishonest demagogue.
  • Is he living a double and dishonest life?
  • I can not remain in business with a dishonest man.
  • You cannot successfully bury a dishonest dollar.
  • It was the dishonest who prospered most, thought he.
  • Nothing is meaner in national life than dishonest history.
  • The dishonest and the defrauded went down in a common ruin.
  • To be earnestly dishonest one must be really poor.
  • Far seeing art thou, but dishonest too.
  • Even now I have dishonest irons in the fire.
  • Have I ever advised you to practise dishonest courses?
  • I cannot help thinking Mr. Audubon a dishonest man.
  • That does not mean that he is himself either dishonest or indifferent.
  • They'll think you are the dishonest one.
  • Ha! a match for this dishonest cake-vendor was not to be found.
  • We hearn afterward that this wuz a dishonest man and wuz sent off.
  • I was indignant, and accused him of having been guilty of a dishonest act.
  • Theirs was not dishonest doubt, but a strong demand for better evidence.
  • There aren't any dishonest people, so there won't be anything for him to do.
  • They came here with a dishonest purpose, and they must take the consequences.
  • Verily, there must be a good many fools besides the dishonest ones!
  • He was not, according to the standard of many, a dishonest man.
  • For a dishonest one, obviously, or why should he drug his own stable-boy?
  • The English are much more unscrupulous and dishonest pirates than ourselves.

How To Use Dishonest In A Sentence?

  • Then she gave him the meat she had prepared and sent him on his dishonest errand.
  • We cannot but think it is a mistake to divulge the fact with so many dishonest people about.
  • She held my dishonest account in her hand and quietly dropped it into the fire.
  • He justifiably reckoned that he could distinguish between honest and dishonest advertising.
  • Would it be dishonest to transfer a tale from one night or nights to another or others?
  • But it is the dishonest ones who undo whatever good the majority are able to achieve.
  • However, she supposed there were other people in the state besides dishonest lawyers.
  • If there should, dishonest as he was, that would be a sufficient reason for my silence.
  • There is nothing dishonest in the transaction: customers float cheques all the time.
  • We know that in actual operation the policy meant reckless speculation and dishonest finance.

Definition of Dishonest

Not honest. | Interfering with honesty. | (obsolete) Dishonourable; shameful; indecent; unchaste; lewd.
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