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  • Formalin is one of the best and safest general disinfectants to use.
  • The room was very dirty, and many men were sprinkling disinfectants about.

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  • One of the best disinfectants for latrines and garbage pits is smouldering tar paper.
  • The dispensary was cleared out: saucers of disinfectants positively littered the ground.
  • The cold wind blew up to Eunice the odor of the disinfectants with which he had steeped himself.
  • It stuck to me like the smell of disinfectants after you've been in a hospital.
  • It is not necessary to use any disinfectants in this type of house, but it should have two doors and windows.
  • The curing room itself may be freed from the mold spores by the use of such standard disinfectants as formalin or sulphur.
  • As disinfectants are tested for sanitary purposes, it is obvious that a member of the coli-typhoid group should be selected as the test germ.
  • All disinfectants must of necessity be antiseptic in their action, but not all antiseptics are disinfectants, even when used in large amounts.
  • Then for a while the medicine occupied her attention, and she was at some pains to carefully sort out the antiseptic and disinfectants from the drugs themselves.
  • Gaseous disinfectants can only be used when the space is tightly closed, for the gas must be confined for several hours in the room, in order to make the process effective.

Definition of Disinfectants

plural of disinfectant
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