Dismay In A Sentence

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  • But that dismay was brief.
  • They do not pause in dismay of the insoluble.
  • Hal gave a cry of dismay and dashed after him.
  • A low hum of dismay passed along the tables.
  • A cry of dismay and excitement ran through the next room.
  • He heard with dismay that Dolly had gone out.
  • She observed with dismay that he tottered as he approached her.
  • He tried to render as scorn his dismay at this touching on his weakness.
  • He glanced back, and saw to his dismay that they were gaining on him.
  • In dismay at this return, she glanced to see where the sounds came from.
  • They frequently enter houses, carrying dismay and terror among the children.
  • The expression on Allen's face was dismay and fear.
  • Sophy burst into a laugh at the dismay on Markart's face.
  • With a faint cry of dismay Doña Rita stopped just within my room.

How To Use Dismay In A Sentence?

  • The name seemed familiar, but in her dismay at her present situation she could not remember why.
  • In rapidly rising dismay she hurried out to search the barn, fearing she knew not what.
  • He perceived with dismay that the stratagem of his defence had given Anne away.
  • He reflected with dismay that he had only his Wardway tickets, and about three dollars beside.
  • Yet when I came to consider the result of such action I saw with dismay that my lips were sealed.
  • Some who have tried to do that in all sincerity have found to their dismay that they were wholly misunderstood.
  • The countrywoman was in dismay at being told that five hundred francs were owing for the last fortnight.
  • What was he there for but to spy out and blackmail, and cause ruin and dismay to her and her loved ones?
  • A groan of anger and dismay escaped his lips after each attempt to send his bullet to the spot intended.
  • Iola gazed with sorrowful dismay on what seemed the cruel work of an incendiary's torch.
  • These thoughts flashed through his mind, filling him with sickening dismay and inexpressible disgust.
  • It was discussed by the great newspapers in terms of polite dismay but almost invariably in good temper.
  • The hint of dismay was so faint that it might have eluded any ear but one rendered sharp by suspicion.
  • She thought with dismay of the furtive meetings drawn out for years without hope of relief unless the impossible happened.
  • A sense of treachery and of dismay seemed to hang over the capital, for none could be certain who had taken the oath and who had not.
  • Degraded he heard with dismay the sentence of deportation and exile to the far distant island of Sado.
  • I ran to my loft bubbling over with appreciation of the exceeding wittiness of my own joke, but on opening my door a cry of dismay escaped me.
  • And to Courtlandt's dismay he realized that his proposal had truly been accepted as a jest.
  • The soul was already a captive before doubt, anguish, or dismay could touch its surrender and its exaltation.
  • Running back to the rail, she saw to her dismay that the distance between the two vessels had increased, and that the reason was not far to seek.
  • In a moment she was on her feet again, staring in dismay at her hastily vacated nest, while every nerve in her body tingled with apprehension.
  • Franz, holding a pipe extended in his hand, stood for a moment in silence his eyes still staring their innocent dismay over her shoulder.
  • The next minute men, women, and children poured out from houses and cottages, horror and dismay on every face.
  • Then, goodness only knows why, in his dismay or rage he was moved to speak in French with a most ridiculous accent.
  • To his dismay a huge, lank, large-boned foal appeared, of chestnut colour, and with four white legs.
  • The look of dismay that Dona Josefa exchanged with her husband, revealed to each other their terrible anxiety and dread.

Definition of Dismay

To disable with alarm or apprehensions; to depress the spirits or courage of; to deprive of firmness and energy through fear; to daunt; to appall; to terrify. | To render lifeless; to subdue; to disquiet. | To take dismay or fright; to be filled with dismay.
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