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  • The dismemberment of the Polish dominions began.
  • There is a general dismemberment of everything that once was serviceable.
  • The dismemberment itself would be less fatal than the ignominy of its mode.
  • The dismemberment of Austria does not mean a destructive policy.
  • I confess, the dismemberment of Poland did not affect me much.

How To Use Dismemberment In A Sentence?

  • This threatened a dismemberment of the little empire and its absorption by neighboring colonies.
  • To this was added the fact that no move was made toward the dismemberment of Turkey.
  • The rest of the myth included the dismemberment of Horus and the beheading of Isis.
  • Everywhere the multiplicity of rulers, and the dismemberment of territories, were productive of weakness.
  • His nomination for the Presidency followed, and the result was the practical dismemberment of the Democratic party.
  • Each day brought new intelligence of the victories of Christiern and the gradual dismemberment of the Swedish forces.
  • The effect of the war on Austria was a loss of prestige, the beginning of the dismemberment of the empire, and the revelation of internal weakness.
  • She will not, because she cannot, help you; and a Russian war would mean here dismemberment of the empire and utter ruin.
  • It is fundamentally different from the dismemberment of Poland, which was a living nation, while Austria is not.
  • Their silence on matters which concerned a nation's possible dismemberment and her aunt's too evident distress weighed heavily upon Leila.
  • The myth of his dismemberment and of the scattering of his ashes over the whole world is made to symbolise the great thought of the connection of all things with the same source of life.
  • Was the same principle of concession to popular clamour ... to be exemplified in the dismemberment of the English Church?...
  • A gigantic conspiracy for the dismemberment of the empire was boldly encountered at its highest point of development by the energy of the common law of the land, as administered in the ordinary courts of justice.

Definition of Dismemberment

(countable) The act of dismembering. | (uncountable) The state or condition of being dismembered. | (countable) Removal from membership; detachment from an organization, group, etc.
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