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  • So I went to Disney World.
  • Returning to Walt Disney World was a homecoming for me.
  • Disney World!
  • He found it very curious that I always rebooted myself at Disney World.
  • For Jules, this is an attack on the artistic purity of Disney World itself.
  • She was, quite literally, raised in Walt Disney World and it showed.
  • Disney World isn't a competition," Lil said.
  • Right -- which meant that she'd been to Disney World in the last ten years.
  • You need to get away from here: Disney World isn't good for you
  • and you're sure as hell not any good for Disney World."

How To Use Disney World In A Sentence?

  • I looked out over the Seven Seas Lagoon and realized that this was my last night, ever, in Walt Disney World.
  • I died some, too, putting the incident out of my head and sojourning to Disney World, there to reinvent myself with a new group of friends, a new career, a new life.
  • I thought about leaving then, turning my back on the whole business and leaving Walt Disney World to start yet another new life, Whuffie-poor and fancy-free.
  • I'd been to Disney World any number of times as a guest before I settled in, and truth be told, it had never been my absolute favorite.
  • Her name was Lil, and she was second-generation Disney World, her parents being among the original ad-hocracy that took over the management of Liberty Square and Tom Sawyer Island.
  • He's lived long enough to see the cure for death and the end of scarcity, to learn ten languages and compose three symphonies...and to realize his boyhood dream of taking up residence in Disney World.
  • We met her up at Imagineering, a massive complex of prefab aluminum buildings painted Go-Away Green that had thronged with mad inventors since the Bitchun Society had come to Walt Disney World.
  • But when I returned to Disney World, live and in person, freshly bored stupid by the three-hour liveheaded flight from Toronto, I'd found myself crowd-driven to it.
  • This is how you hit bottom in Walt Disney World, in a hotel with the hissing of the monorail and the sun streaming through the window, the hooting of the steam engines on the railroad and the distant howl of the recorded wolves at the Haunted Mansion.
  • In a world where everyone's wishes can come true, one man returns to the original, crumbling city of dreams--Disney World.
  • It's our fault -- we thought that Disney World would be the best place to raise a child in the Bitchun Society.
  • I told Dan the story during our first friendship, and he immediately pounced on the fact that I'd gone to Disney World to spend a week sorting out my feelings, reinventing myself, moving to space, marrying a crazy lady.
  • She'd take in the people who came down to work the Mansion, convince them they'd been hard done by the Liberty Square crew, and rope them into her little Whuffie ranch, the better to seize the Mansion, the Park, the whole of Walt Disney World.
  • Doing it here was better for the old Whuffie -- they'd make over Disney World and hold it, a single ad-hoc where three hundred had flourished before, smoothly operating a park twice the size of Manhattan.
  • Again, my life rebooted, and I found myself in Disney World, methodically flensing away the relationships I'd built and starting afresh in Boston, living on the ocean floor and working the heavy-metal harvesters, a project that led, eventually, to my Chem thesis at U of T.
  • Her parents -- Tom and Rita -- on the other hand, were fascinating people, members of the original ad-hoc that had seized power in Walt Disney World, wresting control from a gang of wealthy former shareholders who'd been operating it as their private preserve.
  • Driving together, hammering cigarette after cigarette into my face, I remembered the night Dan had come to Disney World, when I'd driven him to my -- _Lil's_ -- house, and how happy I'd been then, how secure.
  • -- ======== PROLOGUE ======== I lived long enough to see the cure for death; to see the rise of the Bitchun Society, to learn ten languages; to compose three symphonies; to realize my boyhood dream of taking up residence in Disney World; to see the death of the workplace and of work.
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