Disorder In A Sentence

Definition of Disorder

(transitive) To throw into a state of disorder. | (transitive) To knock out of order or sequence. | Absence of order; state of not being arranged in an orderly manner.

How To Use Disorder In A Sentence?

  • The little flower-garden in which she delighted was all in disorder and overrun with weeds.
  • There is no glory for him that committeth disorder on the earth after it hath been made so good.
  • But the rebel angel in his fall brought disorder and death into all material creation.
  • Jean had been very domestic since her return from school, and all disorder had been frowned upon.
  • As the carriage proceeded, I became sensible to the extreme disorder of my frame.
  • They rushed back in extreme disorder to their boats, crossed the river, and returned to Quebec.
  • The French troops did not rally from their disorder till they had crossed the Saint Charles.
  • The form of the disorder in one patient does not imply the necessity of another who caught it from him having it in the same form.
  • It was a strange peace which she shared with me in this unexpected shelter full of disorder in its neglected splendour.
  • These clubs are not revolutionary, but they might become a source of disorder if they were made permanent.
  • I was perfectly clear that life was a various and splendid disorder of forces that the spirit of man sets itself to tame.
  • Meantime an infectious disorder spread fast amongst them, and several of the bondsmen died one after the other.
  • He had a pain in his back and a roaring in his head, and an extreme disorder in the region of his solar plexus.
  • If the villages are in disorder or revolt, to whom will the alcalde turn his face for aid in checking and punishing them?
  • When his eyes wandered round the kitchen the disorder and dirt worried him, but on that subject he could not speak.
  • I can't remember a single election in Wrykyn when there was not disorder in the town.
  • To transfer them to other active fronts, especially in the winter, was difficult in consequence of the disorder of railway transport.
  • In the course of conversation they showed great anxiety as to their child, who had long suffered from some disorder which caused them great alarm.
  • Oh, how beautiful she seemed with the abundant locks in disorder over her tear-stained face, how beautiful beyond imagining!
  • Well, there had been neither disorder nor disturbance nor a mob, for everything had taken place in a manner that was marvelously simple and calm.
  • It was rather a job, as the Alphonsists were attacking the right flank of our whole front and there was some considerable disorder there.
  • Presently, however, she dried her eyes, and, being a methodical person, set to work to repair the disorder around her.
  • The disorder of the inside of the car, the rug hanging over the footboard, a broken window, a cushion on the floor, all bore witness to a struggle.
  • Sometimes the whole efficiency of the treatment administered as a corrective for a moral disorder depends upon the readiness and willingness with which it is taken.
  • There was a convulsive movement in all her limbs and her eyes were fired with a gloomy light through the long locks of white hair which hung in disorder round her face.
  • This is what I have longed for: and it has been exceeding grievous to me when I have heard of vice, vanity and disorder among our youth.
  • But leaving the harbor, the sea grew heavier and torrents of spray put the finishing touch to the inextricable disorder that prevailed aboard ship.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disorder | Disorder Sentence

  • There must be some disorder in thy wit!
  • Even quarrels and disorder were practically unknown.
  • That was a signal for general disorder among the boys.
  • She laughed at the disorder of the place ...
  • Everything was going wrong, disorder ruled supreme.
  • Her sense of cleanliness after the weeks of disorder was delightful.
  • In the morning the disorder seen told only of attempted robbery.
  • The usual disorder of a first night was somewhat worse than usual.
  • The woman's hair fell down in disorder around her face.
  • Property must be upheld; low-born disorder and greed must be put down.
  • A slight disorder in Wall Street strains the whole financial world.
  • Every mental disturbance corresponds to a disorder in the brain's functions.
  • There was no disorder either before or after Jenkins's trial.

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