Disparaged In A Sentence

Definition of Disparaged

simple past tense and past participle of disparage

How To Use Disparaged In A Sentence?

  • Plain and safe men never disparaged his arguments by calling them hair-splitting or metaphysical.
  • She was about to call the precious and disparaged Jackie when she thought better of it.
  • She did not know that she disparaged her husband so, and she did not know why she should disparage him to such a degree.
  • Looping the loop, and other kinds of what are now called 'aerobatics', were habitually disparaged as idle spectacles.
  • I abhorred the coldness of my ordinary convictions; and, compared with what I now felt, disparaged the impression of regular instruction.
  • Primitive religion is not to be disparaged because it did not at once convert the rough Israelite clansmen into Havelocks and Gordons.
  • Plato he does not read, and he disparaged Socrates; and, when pressed, persisted in making Mirabeau a hero.
  • Sexual intercourse would not be of itself disparaged or condemned, it would be disapproved of only if indulged in at the expense of health or of emotional or intellectual activities in oneself or in others.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disparaged | Disparaged Sentence

  • All his services were instantly forgotten, disparaged or denied.
  • It is well known, too, that Bacon and Newton disparaged them.
  • They recommended their own straightener and disparaged Mahaina's.

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