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  • What more astonishing disparity of military power does the history of fire-arms record?
  • Such a comparison reveals at once an enormous disparity in favor of the Church.
  • She makes no secret of the disparity between them, though she may avoid the cold fact of figures.
  • This disparity of losses emphasizes, as does nothing else, the deadliness of the American fire.
  • Notwithstanding the disparity in their ages, he and this new acquaintance were already fast friends.
  • In the kingdom of love there was no disparity between the king's son and the shepherd boy.
  • There seemed no disparity of years, and their affection and fidelity had come to be a community pride.
  • Besides, the disparity of age between the duke and his wife seemed to preclude all thoughts of jealousy.
  • There was little to choose between them in outward gentility, despite the immense disparity of their chances.
  • Joan was not the judge of human nature she fancied herself if she believed that a disparity in age would render gossip innocuous.
  • You will see that in a second, if you look at the disparity that there is between our conceptions of individual duty and national duty.
  • It is not surprising in view of this disparity in numbers that the British were completely overwhelmed.
  • The lover, sensible of no disparity but such as a settlement might counterbalance, enlarged his offers.
  • Then there rose up that feeling of disparity between matron and youth which had held him at a distance from Ollie before.
  • Margaret ventured a hint upon the disparity of age and disposition, a sad inequality to bring into married life.
  • Notwithstanding the disparity in size and color, the black-billed species has certain peculiarities that remind one of the passenger pigeon.
  • Mary had to go to her help, and together they spread the table, and apologized for the disparity between the cups and the plainness of the food.
  • Notwithstanding the disparity in size and color, the black-billed species has certain peculiarities that remind one of the passenger-pigeon.
  • I am well aware, sir, of the great disparity between a new house and one ennobled by centuries of descent.
  • When he meets one who is older than he, he is conscious of the fact, and emphasizes by every polite attention the disparity in years.
  • The driver grunted, as the disparity of their years demanded, and then the bus had pulled up, and Ann was below.
  • The same disparity runs through all the Irish counties; in the boroughs of Ireland it is even more visible.
  • From the very first the disparity of resources was so great that the South had never had a chance alone except against a disunited North.
  • However, the curious disparity of French and Spanish temperament once more manifested itself in a manner which disastrously affected their work.
  • He knew he wasn't as good as Old Planter; their disparity of attainment was too easily palpable.
  • But, encouraged by the victories of the previous four years, the Dervishes accepted battle, in spite of the disparity of numbers.
  • But, on the other hand, there is, in appearance at least, an immense disparity of physical force on the side of Mexico.
  • A single circumstance will illustrate the widely diverse sources from which donations are received, as well as the great disparity in amount.
  • To the political rivalry to which this disparity gave rise was added the personal animosity of the two queens, Frédégonde and Brunehaut.
  • Most planters are aware in a general way of the disparity between the yields of individual trees, but they would probably be surprised if they undertook the institution of such records.
  • Grave also was the disparity betwixt the crews thereof, inasmuch as to the King were sixteen long-ships & to Guthorm only five.
  • Notwithstanding the immense disparity of force, Le Grande determined to capture her, and his crew took an oath to stand by him till the last.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Disparity | Disparity Sentence

  • The disparity of the forces was apparent before the battle.
  • It was by the virtue of disparity that their equality should appear.
  • In an instant the overwhelming disparity of the sides was apparent.
  • What is a suitable disparity between the ages of man and woman?
  • After all, there was not such a frightful disparity in our ages.
  • There is even wider disparity regarding the period of opposition.
  • All seemed to be talking at the same time, irrespective of disparity in rank.
  • So, standing as they did, you would perceive no great disparity in their ages.

Definition of Disparity

(uncountable) The state of being unequal; difference. | (countable) Incongruity.
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