Dispatch in a sentence

Definition of Dispatch

(transitive) To send (a shipment) with promptness. | (transitive) To send (a person) away hastily. | (transitive) To send (an important official message) promptly, by means of a diplomat or military officer.

Short Example Sentence for Dispatch

  • 1. Shall we dispatch him?
  • 2. And did soon dispatch him.
  • 3. The dispatch box was not to be found.
  • 4. I shall soon dispatch you.
  • 5. It would not have been proper to dispatch such a letter.
  • 6. He spread out the dispatch and read it carefully.
  • 7. Roger returned the papers to the dispatch box.
  • 8. They read the dispatch and knew the cause.
  • 9. Moderate dispatch in hiving needful, 163.
  • 10. With the utmost dispatch the second anchor was let go.
  • 11. He took the first dispatch and tore it open eagerly.
  • 12. A dispatch from Hanover.
  • 13. The dispatch was written on thin, oiled paper.
  • 14. And I am to dispatch this letter?
  • 15. DeWitt thrust the dispatch into his hand.
  • 16. I wish to dispatch it early on Wednesday.
  • 17. Mr. Trew left to arrange the dispatch of the message.
  • 18. He also sent a brief dispatch to the Interstate people.
  • 19. The second, a dispatch from Portland, I will reprint.
  • 20. General Howard sent a dispatch to Colonel Miles.
  • 21. Italian Green Book, Dispatch N. 76.
  • 22. Every newspaper in the country had a conspicuous dispatch about it.
  • 23. He drew the dispatch from the inside pocket of his waistcoat.
  • 24. I don't find that dispatch in my paper.
  • 25. I was chosen as one of the scouts or dispatch carriers to accompany the party.
  • 26. Seeing that the dispatch would have to go through, the general sent for me.
  • 27. It was the dispatch box, lightly sifted over with sand as was the body.
  • 28. The dispatch was a long one, but it was necessary to give full explanation.
  • 29. The dispatch carriers, as usual, behaved with the greatest bravery.
  • 30. About this time Browning's dispatch was received.
  • 31. Wood, Sir Charles, Educational Dispatch (1854), 209.
  • 32. I am expecting a very important dispatch to-night, but I cannot wait for it.

How to use Dispatch in a Sentence?

  • 1. Analysis determines the source and the circumstances which led to the dispatch of the message.
  • 2. The operations are described today in a dispatch from an official observer at the front.
  • 3. In addition there were small scout and dispatch boats of various shapes and sizes.
  • 4. Nothing wearied him so much as an interview with a minister, or a dispatch from a general.
  • 5. The counsel on both sides knew that he intended to dispatch this disagreeable business promptly.
  • 6. Ere long dispatch riders hastened to all parts of the country and told the glorious news.
  • 7. Only a short period of time was necessary for one mouse to dispatch all others in the litter.
  • 8. It would have sounded silly to dispatch another message, telling of lack of steamers.